9 és 1/2 randi

9 és 1/2 randi

A sexist, self-centered writer must date 10 girls in 10 days in order to meet his deadlines.

A sexist, self-centered writer must date 10 girls in 10 days in order to meet his deadlines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (jp) wrote: I think he also has a thing for you.A con artist from America is in Athens with his wife when a private detective finds him and asks him to return a large share of funds recently secured by the con artist. The con man accidentally kills the investigator and a local tour guide offers to help him not knowing the man is dead. When he discovers the truth, he decides to help the con man for the sake of his wife's safety. A love triangle forms as they travel across Europe avoiding the law and more would be strong men."I'm not authorized to negotiate with you. I'm just here for the money."Hossein Amini delivers The Two Faces of January in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward and a bit unimaginative. The locations and situations were solid, but the plot, script, and character development could have been better. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Issac, Daisy Bevan, and David Warshofsky."She was the one thing I cared about."I came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a shot since Viggo has made several really good films recently. Unfortunately, this is average and definitely left the audience expecting more. Overall, this is a very average film that is not worth your time unless nothing else is on."Are they describing me or you?"Grade: C

Stanley K (ru) wrote: Wonderfully fun romp, though a late turn towards the sincere is not entirely successful. An entertaining deconstruction of the Chosen One narrative archetype used in far too many blockbusters.

alex f (ca) wrote: Didn't have the cast to match the story and the whole 'blonde bird' part of the film seemed pointless and the 2 other characters in the friendship group were left up in the air.

Franck B (ag) wrote: "Aujourd'hui ils ont tu (C) Coligny... demain ce sera vous !"

MarieBella C (gb) wrote: Featuring charming and powerful performances from it's then young and somewhat unknown cast, utterly evocative of the period, and dark, Swing Kids is a audacious and violent film about manipulation and propaganda taken to the extreme

Suanne S (de) wrote: Farrah Fawcett was an amazing actress. This performance is almost as riveting as her role in The Burning Bed.

Walter G W (kr) wrote: More laughs than most comedies produced. The punch lines to the jokes come fast and furious, you are still laughing at one line when another comes your way. Love this movie

Niki H (jp) wrote: good movie, tough, but worth it.... old school...

Dave S (kr) wrote: How would you like to see Cindy Williams getting high? How about Larry Hagman as a drunk hobo? Dick Van Patten as a Boy Scout master? Or best of all Burgess Meredith as a hippy-hating drunk who dies with his eyes crossed at the hand of (or lack of) the blob. Also known as "Beware! The Blob". I saw this on Netflix streaming. This movie was a treat to watch. I got a few chuckles also. Anyone one who grew-up watching these actors will have a fun time reminiscing. You got love the early 70s. Without adding more spoilers than I have, I'd say the morel or this story is to always trust what young people are trying to tell you. Even if you think they are just "tripping".

christoffer H (us) wrote: I recommend you to see the director's cut version of the film it is much better

Saam S (fr) wrote: A great superman movie! Love the actor, even thought he didn't have the right superman-muscles

Alex R (it) wrote: Truth, justice & the American way! Glad my boys enjoy watching Supes!