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This is the story of an actor as immature as noble, a group of women who intend to become "her stallion". All harbor the desire to have children before it is too late, he, for his part, sees the opportunity to have a big family that he always dreamed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yvonne E (gb) wrote: Cloris is fantastic.

Chris R (ru) wrote: Hardy's tour deforce

rusty a (us) wrote: This was fun. What kid wouldn't have loved to have a bag full of money at Christmastime and no limits on what to get at a mall? I was really enjoying the movie up until Brian opens a door under some stairs that led to "Santa's North Pole" and there was a cartoon on the other side...??? Okay, but other than that the movie was fun and enjoyable. It's not the greatest movie in the world, but for a good Christmas movie I'm sure I'll enjoy this more in the coming years.

John O (jp) wrote: I don't even know how to think about La France, let alone what. In a lot of ways, I felt that this was an anti-Cold Mountain. The two plots, in many ways, parallel each other, but they are both handled in such different manners. Where CM spares us no Hollywood flourishes, La France is content with flat, bare statements, willfully unadorned. La France goes out of its way in a few places to avoid narrative engagement with the audience. And the ending, instead of filled with passionate reconciliation, ends with a slow, almost sad sexual release.

Tanya W (es) wrote: Well flown movie. I enjoyed it very well. If you like french or imported movies A MUST SEE. Very emotional movie, yet isnt girly

Stanley C (ru) wrote: One of the best films of the Godzilla franchise. Even though the script still makes the audience beg to see Godzilla and Mothra have more screen time, there is a story that can trick the audience into cheering for Godzilla to defeat the other insect monsters, who are supposed to be the "heroes".

Daryl G (mx) wrote: Rolling Stone reporter, decides to do a story about how health clubs are the singles bars of the 80s.

Jayden C (br) wrote: not interested at all

Drew B (nl) wrote: It's extremely anti-semitic, and i actually considered bashing my head through the wall.

Ben H (ag) wrote: A classic Tom Cruise film. Good cast and great action

john h (ag) wrote: Excellent and atmospheric thriller featuring a superb central performance from Angelina Jolie and top notch work from the supporting cast.