9 millimeter

9 millimeter

The suburb that is a society in a society, a place where young guys do anything for respect. A place where criminality and violence is a part of life. The movie is about Malik, a guy without family and land of origin, and who has made crime and violence to a part of his life. Both to win respect, and to support himself.

The suburb that is a society in a society, a place where young guys do anything for respect. A place where criminality and violence is a part of life. The movie is about Malik, a guy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan D (au) wrote: Saving Santa isn't really at all ambitious and not particularly memorable, but it does everything well, from its story and script to its characters and voice acting. It's fun and friendly, easy on the eyes and ears and suitable for the entire family. While it may not live on for decades to come as a Christmas season staple, audiences could do much worse and anyone looking for something new this Christmas is encouraged to give it a spin.

Pia K (au) wrote: Dokumenttielokuva 4-vuotiaasta ihmelapsesta, jonka tauluja myytiin kallilla hinnalla. Tarina oli jotenkin hatara ja lisksi ji epselvksi, ett oliko sittenkin kyse huijauksesta... (?)

DeWet B (ag) wrote: Gives gay movies a bad name. Terrible on too many levels to list!

Simon T (fr) wrote: Time has been kind to Pierce Brosnan's final Bond outing. There's plenty to criticise: a ridiculous plot, silly gimmicks, a script stuffed with double and triple entendres, Brosnan's awful running. But weirdly, these are also the elements that make it such fun. The first hour plays like a dry run for the dour Daniel Craig episodes. And then John Cleese gives Bond his invisible car, Toby Stephens parachutes in as Rik Mayall... ...and it gets increasingly silly. Spot the multiple visual quotes from previous Bond outings.

Kevin J (nl) wrote: Good acting and directing here, but there's simply no storyline. The movie finished and I was left wondering what it was supposed to be about.

Karsh D (de) wrote: Karloff and Lee shine in a better than expected movie - nice joke about expecting Boris Karloff to appear at any moment!!

Tim S (ca) wrote: Well what's there to say about Gamera: The Giant Monster that hasn't been said already? Anyone who's a fan of Japanese monster movies could probably tell you more about this giant rampaging tortoise much more than I could, but for my part, Gamera doesn't cut in that department. That's not to say that there isn't something to it, there is, but for me, nothing beats King Kong and Godzilla. They're just too big and too important as films that they're in a class all on their own. The original Gamera movie is decent enough, depending on which version of it that you see. The Sandy Frank version with the horrible overdub can be hilarious at times, especially through the eyes of the crew at Mystery Science Theater 3000. I recommend seeing that version just for the sheer entertainment value, but also the original Japanese version too.

Samitha J (it) wrote: A perfect movie from Disney's humble and sweet beginnings.

Lenard W (mx) wrote: With pressure all around, Sonny Weaver Jr has to make a splash on draft day to keep his job. Somehow, he takes the lowly Cleveland Browns into contenders in a fantasy NFL. Director Ivan Reitman is a master at film, a skill his son has learned.

ANDERSON G (nl) wrote: "Millenium - the men who did not love women," for that is, what a strong name, just as the film is also strong, with a seven-faced and a zoadic painted, fincher's investigative suspense hits again. We have here a very well worked script, not only in the construction and immersion of what is being investigated, but in the construction of an environment as a whole, its two protagonists are spectacularly presented and developed, all their nuances and dikes are shown, not always Played in the viewer's face, but for those who are paying attention, he perceives everything that guides our protagonists, just as the Vanger family, all their hatred of inheritance, their feuds and disagreements are extremely immersive, fault of this excellent fincher script that tells the story of Mikael Bomkvist (Daniel Craig) and Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a man who lives within social standards but is professionally discredited and a woman living out of social standards very professionally credited, the two unite to investigate a case in a family, Where there has been a disappearance more than 30 years. The film talks about invasion of privacy, domestic violence and abuse in a rough way, is like a punch in the stomach, the character of Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) is incredible, a Gothic, with a completely opposite look of what is described in Social conventions that fight against itself in a search for something real. Technically, the film is very good, first the photography, we have nothing from another world, but the photography is always sober, gray, with darker tones, very traditional Fincher films, except in moments of flashbacks, there the Lighter tones take over, the film is clear and with a paler color palette, we can observe a care in this matter in every film, and the soundtrack is always sagacious, nothing memorable, but it is there, always. Rooney Mara, accustomed to cute roles is here completely decharacterized, and makes a very sober acting, just like her partner. Finally, "Millenium - Men who did not love women" is a movie that pleases.

Simon C (jp) wrote: If you actually want to see some obnoxious, clueless American tourists failing to find their own arses with both hands and a train timetable, just visit Katoomba.

Reggie S (ru) wrote: Treated with the reverence of a solider in Vietnam or WW2, we forget that we're watching a child.