90 millas

90 millas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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90 miles is the distance from the coasts of Cuba and the United States. A Cuban family left the island illegally, in a small, rustic homemade boat, and live a tragic odyssey while traversing the Straits of Florida in hopes of reaching U.S. shores. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JM S (it) wrote: Heartwhelming indeed.

Paul D (au) wrote: A rom-com reworking of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? It feels fairly dated in its premise and the comedy which is supposed to emanate from this premise is severely lacking.

Bryan G (gb) wrote: Naturally with a title like Eyeborgs one would expect the worst from a movie named something like that. And yes, I went into Eyeborgs expecting a schlocky and completely ridiculous movie. For some time I've been looking for a good straight to video movie that while being very low budget managed to create an interesting story and an entertaining time. Unexpectedly, Eyeborgs turned out to be one of those films. While not on the level of cautionary tales from George Orwell, this film does contain a rather strong story that is told well enough for me to have believed and become invested in these characters. Eyeborgs takes place in our present time, and the U.S. government is doing all it can to keep the American people safe. A surveillance program has cameras throughout the country, and these cameras are all connected through a system called the Optical Defense Intelligence Network, or ODIN for short. One of the most notable types of cameras in this defense system are small mobile ones, which are basically an orb with two legs, that can roam around freely. But after a few bizarre incidents involving ODIN cameras people begin to grow suspicious. One particular suspicious person is Homeland Security Agent R.J. 'Gunner' Reynolds (Adrian Paul), who thinks that ODIN may have been compromised in some fashion. What amazed me about Eyeborgs is that it does create a story that works, without becoming too corny or stupid. It isn't the most suspenseful film around, but it does contain a decent amount of thrills along the way. And as the mystery onto whether or not the ODIN system has been hacked and over taken unravels, I found that I enjoyed the direction the story went. And there is a wise little message buried beneath all of this that warns of the over dependence on technology to take care of our lives, and how the line between supposed protection and outright invasion of privacy is a very thin one. Acting wise the film is better than expected. The three primary characters are Gunner, news reporter Barbara Hawkins (Megan Blake) and wannabe rock-star Jarett Hewes (Luke Eberl) who is the nephew of the U.S. president and also possibly a terrorist target. Out of the three I think I enjoyed Megan Blake the most, but mainly because I enjoyed her character and how she perfectly brought to life that nosey reporter character that is sadly missing from movies these days. The special effects are also better than expected. I liked the designs of the various robots of the ODIN system, and while not flawless they are decently brought to life with some rather effective computer generated effects. Just another surprise with this fairly decent little sci-fi flick. I couldn't help but be reminded of the unfortunately bad Will Smith action dud I, Robot. Both films share a similar story of people growing suspicious of robotic creations meant to better life, but with one major difference. I, Robot had a huge budget and wasted it on mindless action. Eyeborgs had no budget and still managed to execute a workable little film.

Elias E (ru) wrote: i heared the story even before this movie...so no i don't like this movie. but i will say this the toy idea is a cool one

Ena B (mx) wrote: i love this move i alwsys want to watch it!

David M (kr) wrote: The second worst movie I have ever seen.

Rebecca E (kr) wrote: Cute, although a little ridiculous. I dont see how people who are that sensitive with kids could be murderous criminals.

Byron B (gb) wrote: The English subtitled translation of the film's title is Moscow Distrusts Tears, which has a bit of a different meaning than the world-wide English title used in the marketing materials and by the Academy when awarding this Best Foreign Language Film of 1981. It is a nice and melancholy melodrama with female protagonists. Specifically, the film follows Katerina or "Katia," played by Vera Alentova. In the late 50s, she rooms with Lyudmila (Irina Muravyeva) and Antonina (Raisa Ryazanova). These life-long friends are concerned with men and how to be successful in the modern world. Antonina already has a steady boyfriend and finds it easiest to settle down into domesticity. Lyudmila is the most boy crazy, wanting to live an exciting, glamorous life. Katia focuses on her studies and being self-sufficient through developing a career. Yet, Katia still faces hardship. She gets pregnant and the class-conscious father turns her away. Twenty years later Katia is a single mother and executive at a large factory. We see the changes in technology and style of late 70s Moscow, yet the three ladies have kept in touch. Before long, the romantic Gosha (Aleksey Batalov) moves into Katia's life. Amongst a few subplots, Gosha and Katia have a falling out and she must rely on her friends to help reunite them. Wonderful performances create characters with depth. The sort of apolitical cultural reference point that shows how much humanity is more similar than we are different.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Told in flashbacks as our hero lies on a coroner's table, alive but frozen and unable to alert them that he isn't dead, this one makes for interesting viewing. Our lead is on the hunt for his missing girlfriend (the always lovely Barbara Bach) and meets with suspicious dead ends at every turn, until he ultimately finds himself in over his head.Worth a rental for sure.

Guy S (jp) wrote: Awful! Clearly written by people who have no knowledge of stellar physics, atmospheric science, or common sense. Terrible acting made even worse by a naive and unimaginative plot, which fails to answer any questions it raises and sidesteps any kind of awkward obstacles by simply ignoring them. If I could give this movie negative rating, I would. However, if I was not interested in astrophysics and science in general, it might have scraped half a star or so.

Waleed A (fr) wrote: great action popcorn flick. old school but not outdated. the things that stood out to me the most after watching it again are 1) the premise of this movie is amazing and was perfectly executed and 2) there were some awesome characters in this movie. the main villain being played by John Malkovich (I was so surprised!) was great. the other bad guys were awesome. Cage was a beast. it was funny (chappelle!). there were a few dumb things and some cheesy music but mostly this was an awesome movieSPOILERSthe way Cyrus the Virus dies at the end is shockingly funny. he gets thrown off a firetruck through two windows, and just so happens to fall on a bunch of wires to get electrocuted, then just so happens to fall onto a treadmill of an assembly line leading to a garbage crusher, then just so happens to fall off of the treadmill in the perfect position for his head to be crushed by the crusher with the rest of his body sprawled out. if the rest of this movie was terrible, this might be the worst villain deaths ever. but i liked the rest of the movie so i just laughed at it and no longer considered giving this 4 stars. Although I don't think I would have regardless (about 4 viewings)

Julian L (ca) wrote: I had high hopes for this joint. Boy was I let down.