90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

A man involved in a horrific car crash is pronounced dead, only to come back to life an hour and a half later, claiming to have seen Heaven.

A man was in a car crash and was in the car, without a pulse for an hour and a half, while EMT's and police waited for the coroner to pronounce him dead before he can be moved. A man comes along, who feels led to pray for the victim, gets in the car and starts to pray while singing praise songs. The 'dead' man starts singing along and EMT's confirm he now has a pulse. The victim fights his recovery, as he is angry that he was in heaven, only to have God bring him back in incredible pain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julius D (it) wrote: This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. And I've seen it about 6 times by now. I'm not even saying I like it because Sam Rockwell is in it, but when I argue that the man has never been in a shit movie, I tend to quote this right beside the Green Mile.Summary: There is no particular story to it, being a recap of what really happened. Famous actors act like it's an interview about the interview, talking about the past recalling what has happened before and after the very, very famous 1977 interviews of Richard Nixon by british tv host David Frost. The rest is history, and the interviews are available for free on youtube.Pros: Sam Rockwell, the acting is absolutely fantastic and there is some serious attention to the details, from costumes to haircuts to the voice acting by Langella, to resemble Nixon's babbling deep voice. There is also Hall's serious eye-candy, so it's by far a great view from the start to the end. Surprising addition to the team is the presence of Michael Sheen, who for me will forever be Lucien from Underworld (which isn't exactly a compliment), yet holds his ground with the difficult character and a great british accent.Cons: Richard Nixon looks nothing like Nixon, I understand the choice of actor because of the quality of Langella's acting, but while Frost is VERY similar to the original, it takes a lot of imagination to remember that Langella's supposed to be nixon. Sheen's character furthermore is dislikable from the very beginning, as he -but maybe that's the director's choice- seems to be on edge/uncomfortable the entire time throughout the movie.Kevin Bacon still is absolutely terrible at what he does and seems completely overrated as his character is pointless from minute 0 to the very end, two hours later.Overall a great movie to watch, but not a party choice. Must Watch. Alone.

Amy H (jp) wrote: A terrible boring horror movie with a man in a mask! Terrible plot and acting. Don't waste your time.

Mark P (mx) wrote: Fun twist on the tourists in terror genre

Kay S (es) wrote: The first gay weddings in Spain and mothers are on the loose. The confrontations between mothers and sons are just hilarious. And keep in mind: the sons may be better looking but the mothers are much more fun than their boring kids. Enjoy the laughs

Kyle O (au) wrote: A movie about 4 adults fighting. If that sounds like something you're into then go for it. If you were just curious, like me, it's probably not worth your time.

Smashproplaya (it) wrote: Great story,animation,characters,music, songs,narration,& way of telling the story. Might be underrated,but still an amazing movie.

Ian R (es) wrote: Dude with robot hands becomes a rave superstar. Yes, that's right... VERY 90's in all the terrible and hilarious ways!

Lorie G (gb) wrote: We LOVE this movie!! Great atmosphere, great storyline - even the pretentiousness somehow seems at home. Awesome movie - can't get enough of it!! Elina Lowensohn was incredible!

holly w (es) wrote: this movie is amazing

Tisa S (ca) wrote: You just wouldn't expect anything at all from this movie, but it delivers. Kiefer Sutherland's first movie only proves it by his looks, one of his better movies.

Jeremy B (nl) wrote: Great storyline but the movie itself was put together rather horribly. Seemed extremely corny, fake, overly choreographed. Made a good storyline unpleasant to watch.

David L (it) wrote: The sort of film we sadly no longer make. Gloriously sixties! And wonderfully British. Can't really explain it, and a synopsis doesn't do it justice. It won't make you laugh out loud but it's an interesting addition to that batch of British comedies that includes - The Bedsitting Room, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer and Bedazzled.

Jesse F (kr) wrote: A decent and fun way to say farewell to Hodder as Jason Voorhees.

Shawn S (es) wrote: The story isn't as good as its predecessor but the action is more violent and Ray Stevenson is great.