909 Experiment

909 Experiment

A young couple agrees to stay in a house that sits in the middle of an area known for its high volume of electromagnetic waves. They must document everything that happens to them in the name of science, and determining the effects of the electromagnetic currents on them, and their surroundings

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Lubna N (gb) wrote: Gripping story about the Gujrat Riots. Unfortunately, the American in the film wrote the screenplay otherwise he was quite unnecessary in the film.

Freeman M (us) wrote: Undeniably gripping documentary about domestic terrorists.

MariePier D (nl) wrote: Je n'ai pas embarqu... Srement les dcors de sous-marins... Ian Somerhalder, je pense le rcouter et faire plus attention cette fois-ci!

Candice B (de) wrote: I really liked this film. I've seen it a few times. It makes you look at things differently. I loved Ryan Black and Adam Beach in this one.

Lydia M (mx) wrote: this movied is the best...

Baurushan J (ag) wrote: The story is about his annoying martial arts-wannabe/Bruce Lee-fanboy named Jason played by Kurt McKinney who tries so hard to impress with his martial arts or karate or whatever the hell it is. When he gets beaten up at his girlfriend's 17th birthday by some punk, his dad gets mad by accusing him of fighting because he has a paralyzed leg and takes down all his fighting equipment. After a devastating day, he turns insane and hallucinates Bruce Lee (not fucking kidding) and starts training with him. On his girlfriend's brother's match, it turns out that he is versing Ivan The Russian played by The Muscles From Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme and that he is cheating during the competition but Jason is there to save the day and backfire his rivals' insults. This movie clearly has JCVD on the top heading above the title like he is main star and you focus on some dumb teenage Rocky-like story? FUCK YOU movie! Here's what I would have done, instead of a story about some dumb untalented punk teens, make Van Damme and his friends the main characters; he will be training for the competition after he gets picked on by punks, you can keep that cowardly father storyline in the movie and the girlfriend too but take out the comic relief black guy cos he's useless to the movie; he meets a man who has an indestructible force and he uses all his skills to save the day. This story however was too annoying, too cliched and it lied to our faces when we were expecting something a lot better. While JCVD was a pleasant surprise at climatic battle (not fucking kidding that's the only scene where he appears), the rest of the movie involves bad actors either untalented or miscasted and a horrible script that is so cliche you just feel sick to death. No Retreat, No Surrender gets a 1/10.

Justin B (ag) wrote: Hidden gem slasher flick with a fun, Argento-ish setup.

John B (br) wrote: Jack Palance as pure evil? Who would've thought? Should have made it to Ripley's Believe it or Not.

Christopher B (us) wrote: Amazing all around. Great cast, story and acting. Rourke's finest moment.

Petros T (au) wrote: With Guy Hamilton once again at the helm but with Roger Moore on board for the first time as 007, "Live and Let Die" is easily a very fine first appearance for the charming actor. Moore is very convincing as Bond and succesfully inaugurates the more humorous period of the franchise. He's got the charms, he's got the guts and he's got the wits. The film has lots of classic scenes too, such as the one with the crocodiles, or the epic boat chase that followed it. The strong beginning of a new era.

william m (mx) wrote: Nick Cage is almost so bad, he's amazing. Honestly, it's a solid plot with unexpected turns and creative camera work. If they would have casted someone other than Cage, the film could have probably been taken pretty seriously. Instead, it ends up kinda amusingly silly.

Alex B (mx) wrote: I loved this movie and also lockdown he was great and also galvtron