92 in the Shade

92 in the Shade

A young drifter returns to his home in Key West, Florida and attempts to open a fishing charter business, provoking a dangerous feud with a rival fishing sea captain.

A young drifter returns to his home in Key West, Florida and attempts to open a fishing charter business, provoking a dangerous feud with a rival fishing sea captain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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92 in the Shade torrent reviews

Nick W (fr) wrote: Quite simply the most incredible emotional rollercoaster you are ever likely to see! Impossible to describe in a few words, i'd recommend that everyone should see this film, but with the warning that you are very liable to be an emotional wreck at the end! Breathtaking, bizarre and beautiful! I've seen it twice now and it was just as powerful the second time as the first! ...now, deep breath...

Ina Denise G (it) wrote: this movie is based on a true story and it happend it quebec city

Michael M (us) wrote: Connie Li:Le spoiler attentif!Au dbut du film, je pensais que c'tait un roman d'amour strotyp o Anglique avait une liaison avec le mari de Rachel o Loic choisirait Rachel parce qu'elle est enceinte avec son bb. Aussi, c'est parce qu'il aimait trop de sa femme de lui abandonner et, donc, il a choisi de mettre fin sa relation avec Anglique. Cependant, aprs avoir regard le film du point de vue de Loic, il est devenu clairement qu'il y avait des problmes mentale avec Anglique. Et tandis que nous suivons travers le film, il est devenu trs suspens en ce qui concerne de comment extrme Angelique irait lui montrer son amour. C'tait aussi trs passionnnant de voir comment Loic rgl avec ses problmes familiaux et s'il retrouver sa femme ou si Loic dcouvrirait qu'Angelique tait variment son harceleur. Ce film m'a fait sentir sur le bord tout le temps car de tout le suspense. J'ai vraiment aim ce film parce que c'tait quelque chose de diffrent, quelque chose de nouveau qui a surpris tout le monde!

stefano l (us) wrote: I am truly surprised at the act of reviewing this movie, because while I was watching it I thought for the entire time that it was very similar to Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. And what I read when I open the profil page of Guu Ritchie? That many critics said the same thing. Wow! It reminded me that particular Tarantino's movie for the style in filmaking and the tragicomic plot development. Anyway, I find that the end is poorer than a good movie like this would deserve, but this does not compromise the overall quality of the movie too much.

Simon D (it) wrote: Pretty good film with some dark comedy moments. A very good cast too.

Margarita S (au) wrote: A decidedly safe approach to Stalinist Russia with this storyline. Swings the pendulum from light to heavy quite extremely. The ball of light that floats around isn't necessary. There are plenty of burnt by the sun references - So many in fact, that you'll never forget the name of the movie you're watching.

Lady D (ag) wrote: I got lost and distracted many times during this film, but the last half an hour, seemed to hold my attention. I wasn't aware of the 'Blacklist era' or the story behind it, but I'm sure both Robert De Niro and Annette Benning's performances will have served the story well

Lucifers MuseHells Belle (fr) wrote: Very good movie. I recommend watching it.

Matt C (nl) wrote: It is impossible to even refer to this film without first addressing the fact that it's all a load of old hooey. Even if you accept the plot and all it's contrivances at face value, to even slightly start to mentally peel beneath it's layers will instantly make you start to address it's glaring implausibilities and in some cases downright ridiculousness. However the performances are uniformly excellent the talking points with regard to politics, religion and family secrets are all engaging and you come away from the film feeling you've at the very least been watching something of some substance.

Mister C (gb) wrote: A gripping and riveting performance from Frank Sinatra in a role that you would never expect from The Chairman of the Board(in a rare form beyond the glare) and the subject matter so intense it will leave you asking for more. Released in 1968,this was one of the few films that explored police corruption within the force,brutality,and not to mention to taboo subject of homosexuality which shocked audiences with it was release which included scenes depicting of a frank and shocking nature. Based on the gripping novel by Roderick Thorpe with a ripping screenplay by Abby Mann and Directed by Gordon Douglas. This was the first Sinatra film to received an "R" rating for its use of strong language and explicit subject matter. Jack Klugman, Lee Remick, Robert Duvall, Tony Mustante, and William Windom star.

Janie P (us) wrote: Amazing classic kung fu movie. Jackie Chan is so wonderfully skilled and a great sense of humor. One of my favorite Kung Fu Films. The dubbing is pretty terrible, but after seeing the fight scenes, you just push that fact aside.

Helen R (ag) wrote: Depressing. Creepy. And rather sweet.

Marta K (au) wrote: Richard Widmark and Thelma Ritter . . . . oh yeah.

Paul P (de) wrote: Worth it alone for Mickey Rourke's performance. He was such a good actor before the experiment with boxing. And Eric Roberts' is always entertaining even though he goes WAY over the top a few times haha. Solid flick that was always entertaining.

Dicky A (mx) wrote: Great action comedy throwback to the 80's

Adam R (jp) wrote: (First viewing - In my mid-twenties)