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98 Octanas

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Nancy C (kr) wrote: 5/5 --- Touching, funny, quirky story about a woman who has a father who always wanted a son...and how sometimes we dont know each other (our parents) as well as we think we do. This movie has the same song used from "Frances Ha"'s trailer, course this was first...and better film with good emotional impact/story and main character. Nicely shot with vivid colors.Reminds of me the song I loved in high schooled "Love, Salvation, The Fear of Death" by Sixpence None the Richer from "This Beautiful Mess":Love, Salvation, The Fear Of Death - lyricswell i'm staring straight into the face of hellyou're so close and you can't even telli'm so wrapped up insidebecause i don't have much to lovehorrified i reel from pits unseenfalling off my pedestal of plentiful deedsas it crumbles down on top of mei contemplate my lack of lovecome and save my soulbefore it's not too latei'm not afraid to admithow much i hate myselfall these gongs and cymbals ring inside my headsurrendered body to the flames has singed the skincan't speak in tongues and even if i couldit's nothingbecause i cannot lovewell i'm staring straight into the face of helli'm so close and i can't even telli'm so afraid i'll amount to nothingbecause i don't have much to love

Joanna C (kr) wrote: Good Fairy Tale Movie for all ages :D

Plain C (jp) wrote: This film is pretty amazing. Loved it and watched it like 6 times now. Bit of a late review, just saw today in there's a TV show to go along with this film. So thought I would say some good words about Gomorrah on RT.

Ashley A (ca) wrote: i really, really, like, Really liked this movie

Jason L (fr) wrote: A movie that we could watch, learn and be aware of what life is all about.

Heather M (us) wrote: This was a reasonably good story about an artist and her hard to get along with Jewish family. I wasn't a fan of the ending, but the movie overall is enjoyable.

Michael M (ag) wrote: This is right about where I gave up on parodies in general but watching it again at its 74 minute running time isn't terrible. George Carlin, Charlie Sheen, Leslie Nielsen, Kevin Hart, Jenny and Pam together, and Ari Gold all appear.

Gunnar B (fr) wrote: Fikser humoren langt bedre enn yakuza-genren. Underholdende.

Jason D (it) wrote: A film that was really meant for the 80's, Ghost in the Machine is just that; a serial killer who's soul transfers from his dead body to a computer mainframe, allowing him to transport through various machinery and kill people this way. This film is hilarious and far from scary, but definitely worth a watch with beer and friends for a very good time. Love it.

Average M (it) wrote: Very good crime drama. Christopher Walken and Sean Penn are great. Definitely worth checking out.~ Average Movie Guy

Meg D (ca) wrote: This movie is so dumb! It's a cheeky way to kill a couple of hours mindlessly though :c)

Kerry W (ru) wrote: What an escape from historical accuracy! Just when I thought the 10 commandments was bad along comes September Dawn. This is a great movie if you already hate the Mormons and want to justify your hatred, however, the "facts" are seriously flawed and the acting poor at the best of times. The Arkansas company was not a band of innocents just trying to get to California in peace. Time and time again they poked at the Mormons and opened fresh wounds. Might I remind you that they also had a bunch with them called the Missouri Wild Cats that threatened the normally peaceful Mormon settlers with extinctiion, something real in the Mormon's minds since they had just fled Missouri where governor Boggs had legalized the extermination of all Mormons in that state and Illinois where thier prophet had just been murdered. The Arkansas people were also not entirely innocent since Parley P. Pratt had just been murdered there and some of the company claimed authorship of those murders. The US government had just issued a command for the army to enter Utah territory to remove Brigham Young as governor and subdue the people. This was seen as another attempt to destroy the Mormons. Were the Mormon justified? No absolutely not. However, they must have truly felt that the Arkansas company would go to California, raise a militia, return and kill them all. So what would you do and how far would you go to protect your way of life? How many Iraqi and Afgan women and children have died because America felt it had to protect itself from future attacks? How many movies have you seen about the Hauns Mill Massacre? Never heard of it? That's because it was the Mormon men, women and children who were killed and there are no anti-anti-Mormons out there willing to produce a movie like that. Think about it.

James Dalton K (de) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie. One of my favorite actors and one of my favorite wrestlers teaming up! It definitely lived up to my expectations! Very fun and hilarious movie with good acting all around, including great chemistry between the leads. I'll be looking forward to seeing Adam Copeland (aka Edge) in some more movie roles!