99% ærlig

99% ærlig

We follow the hip-hop group "Forente Minoriteter" in their working ambitions and dreams. Assad (of Pakistani origin), Haji (Iraq), Amina (Uganda) and Emir (Bosnia) meet up in a studio to make what they hope will be their first album.

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David D (kr) wrote: Such bizarro unintentional humor

The D (br) wrote: Charlie Casanova is a particularly difficult film to bare let alone review. It's very hard to know what the writer/director Terry McMahon is trying to do other than alienate his audience.Charlie is a successful business man attending a conference along with his wife & two other couples.He's an arrogant self righteous man but unbeknownst to his companions he is going under in more ways than one. He briefly comes away from the hotel to pick up cigarette papers, it's at this point he knocks over a woman but rather than stopping he drives on. As he decides the woman was working class he feels the world to be a better place without her. Charlie looks down on the working classes and regularly takes the chance to spit upon them. This is highlighted when he tries his hand at stand up comedy.There's all sorts of swordid interchanges between this six main players but all it seems to do is slag varying things off, women, classes and so forth. It's just hard work to stay interested or see Charlie as any sort of anti-hero. The films ending, I don't mind saying, I didn't follow, anyone wanting to educate me feel free.It's also difficult to rate the film with stars as I previously stated the films intent is hugely unclear from start to finish. I gave the film two stars as if it meant to annoy me then it did a bit but not enough to care.

Teela B (nl) wrote: amazing cinematography, visuals, storyline and acting. It's a must watch

Gabi P (nl) wrote: Gut Ritchie a la mexicana, bajo presupuesto y mucho ingenio, muy divertida!

Jesse K (kr) wrote: May was quite a pleasant surprise. A low-budget horror movie that manages to survive thanks to its creepy lead and disturbing story. The main standout of the film is May herself, played perfectly by Angela Bettis. She's weird, different and scary at times but you might find yourself feeling sorry for her. Jeremy Sisto also gives a good performance as May's first obsession. "May" certainly grew on me until I didn't want it to end. The editing felt a bit amateurish at first but became very effective as the film progressed. Finally, adding to the lonely mood was the soundtrack which worked brilliantly in some very memorable scenes. At first it seemed hard to get into but after the first 30 minutes I was hooked. Again, "May" is a unique, surprisingly enjoyable horror flick.

Brad G (ag) wrote: Steve McQueen had already been diagnosed with terminal cancer while filming his penultimate film, and he was determined as Executive Producer to get his vision of the legendary Cowboy on screen--the film went through five directors after multiple disagreements with its star. The result, however, is a Western masterpiece. Hired by a collection of wealthy Wyoming ranchers, McQueen sets about assassinating various cattle rustlers, but when the violence of the old west hits the city streets the good folks of 1901 modern America want nothing more to do with his shootist ways. The film is brisk as 98 minutes, but McQueen gives every part of himself to the character and the actor's own impending doom can be felt along with the character's ultimate fate. If you enjoyed films like Unforgiven or The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford than you must absolutely see Tom Horn. VF.

Suanne T (it) wrote: Horrible for anyone that grew up with the original - why they remake such classics is a mystery to me. My kids even prefer the original. Johnny Depp plays his usual weird character and is creepy. The kids (other than Charlie) are brats - same as the first - but much more annoying. Do your children a favor and show them the original.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: It has a rather uninteresting plot with dumbass action but with Neeson as an awesome character with huge motivation backing him up, its hard not to enjoy it.B

Charlotte M (jp) wrote: A wonderful film for all the family. It entranced me as a child and now the same is true for my little girl. Excellent animation, music and acting. Perhaps a little scary in parts so a preview may be necessary but I watched it when I was 4 years old and loved it.