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99 francs

Octave is the master of the universe. Octave exercises the profession of copywriter. Today he decides what you will want tomorrow. For him, “man is a product like everything else.” Octave works for the world’s largest advertising agency, Ross & Witchcraft, nicknamed “The Ross.”

The life of Octave Parango, a flamboyant ad designer, filled with success, satire, misery and love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin Y (br) wrote: Virkelig interessant

Kevin K (au) wrote: SPOILER ALERTIf you haven't watched the movie, you shouldn't read my review because it'll definitely ruin the movie for you. Anyways, I loved this movie. It was an amazing follow-up to the series. I think fans of Yuki Nagato would really enjoy this movie as well. Throughout the series, you see Nagato changing bit by bit, as Kyon points out. You also see the relationship between Kyon and Nagato developing as well, but it leaves you wanting more, wishing they would go deeper. Kyon's feelings are always clear, as the series is told first person from his perspective. Even if he doesn't specifically say it, you can see his attitude towards Nagato changing, from indifference to gratitude to ...lazy dependence. The series leads you to want them to grow closer and deeper and care for one another, but he ends up taking her for granted instead. Well, that's all corrected by the end of the movie; it was a very satisfying ending. Anyway, as the story is told from Kyon's perspective, and since Nagato is silent and so hard to read, you can only gather her perspective and feeling on things based off of Kyon's limited reads on her. However, this movie gives a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of Nagato: it shows what the world would be like if it conformed to fit her desires. All the members of the SOS Brigade still exist and live normal lives without having to shoulder the weight of the world. Nagato doesn't have to run around putting up with Haruhi's crap, being charged to observe her, suffer things like an endlessly looping summer vacation, or worry about protecting Kyon. Asakura didn't have to be deleted, but remained a loyal and protective friend who cares for her. The Data Overmind Thought Integration Entity doesn't exit; without her "boss", the reason and purpose for her existence is not predetermined, but she's free to follow her desires. Without the restrictions placed by the Data Overmind, she's a normal, shy, reserved, human being who has a hard time expressing her feelings but with time may learn to open up her heart. And one last and yet most important reason why she remade the world, that Kyon seemed to have kind of glossed over because he's either kind of dense or a bit in denial whenever a girl likes him: Nagato's developed feelings for Kyon. In the original world, Nagato is a humanoid organic interface whose purpose and destiny had already been determined. In such a world, her and Kyon can never have a future together. However, in the altered world, she's a normal human with no greater responsibility. To further decrease the off chance that Kyon would choose Haruhi over her instead, Haruhi has been placed at a different school with Koizumi, who, always having suppressed his feelings for Haruhi, is free to pursue her. Asahina is out of his reach and without Haruhi, Kyon and Asahina have no reason or excuse to associate. Nagato chose to preserve (although in a bit altered form) the memory of Kyon getting a library card for her, probably because that was a meaningful memory for her. Knowing that Kyon, with his memories in tact, would come to her for aid guarantees that they would interact in the remade world and maximizes the probability that they would be together. That's probably what Nagato was thinking. In The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya part 6, Koizumi explains that while the world is being remade, Kyon is the only one in the entire universe that Haruhi wants to keep by her side. When Nagato willfully remakes the world, she also chooses Kyon, even at the expense of her relationship with the other brigade members. Those are her true feelings for him, the ones in which she was unfortunately designed to suppress. However, this alian-made organic humanoid interface has not failed to grasp the meaning of true love- she leaves Kyon's memories in tact, and gives him a choice. She probably knew that if the world was restored she would face deletion, but she was willing to trade in her dream world for the death penalty to give Kyon a choice. And all of that has been hiding behind Nagato's stoic poker face. As I mentioned before, Kyon's feelings are obvious as the story is told from his perspective; Haruhi's desires can be seen through the way she reshapes reality; Koizumi is always vocal and very articulate in explaining his thoughts, feelings, and view on things; and Asahina can be read like an open book. I like this movie because it gives you a glimpse into the heart and mind of the most mysterious brigade member. And also, as another topic altogether, I really like how Kyon's developed and matured, and the relationship between each of the brigade members are deepened.

David L (fr) wrote: It's a bit of an experimental mess, and just too short.

Mohammad K (de) wrote: Not funny, not dramatic. Hops all over, no backstory, poor acting. Don't watch this.

Jennifer M (ca) wrote: Great movie; reminds me of the book Flowers for Algernon. (I liked the book better, though.)

Ollie W (gb) wrote: This is probably the first movie that I called "my favourite movie". I loved it as a child and think it's quite underrated.

Michelle S (ag) wrote: Not brilliant or anything great but entertaining and brainless in an almost fun way in some parts.

Alex A (fr) wrote: Rarely have I seen a comic-book-animated film with such a sharp, flowing script like Mask of the Phantasm. It's packed with expertly timed comic relief, detailed dialogue, emotional depth, and 3-dimensional characters. Even with its intricate, deep story containing multiple subplots, it never feels disjointed, convoluted or bloated, remaining intriguing, involving and smartly paced from start to finish. Based on my favorite Batman cartoon The Animated Series, Mask of the Phantasm is honestly the best animated Dark Knight film I've seen yet.

Willie O (de) wrote: I actually defend this movie as being okay. Sure Edman is a little annoying, but he doesn't get on my nerves, the animation looks quite good, the story is weak but it isn't that bad, and the songs sung by Chanticleer are very catchy unlike the others that I felt weren't very memorable.

Khris N (kr) wrote: Wesley hits the air time again, as a US Marshall pursuing a computer genius who was kidnapped at high altitude by a group of elite parachutists and ex law enforcement and soldiers. Knowing that the kidnappers and his prisoner is still alive, he takes to the skies with the aid of a crazy drop expert and her equally crazy team , learning how to parachute, as well following the trail of the kidnappers, who have a bad guy agenda to make millions, by utilizing their skills. Wesley can't get enough of high altitude, and honestly, if we had mroe cops and security like Snipes, we'd be a hella lot safer! But anyways, this movie, like Passenger 57, set the bar again for a new kind of action. A mix of gun play, fist-cuffs and sky diving embroiled in an average though believable plot, makes for a pretty good flick.And why not? This is one of the earliest movies to take extreme sports to the big screen in a big way, and the sky diving cinematography was excellent, most of the time. But the cast was good, another bad guy in the form of bad ass Gary Busey. Snipes, once again, is a flawed and vulnerable character, and is pretty much a novice when it comes sky diving. But considering what he's up against, he had to learn how to fly pretty fast, before the ground or the bad guys get him, whichever comes first. So welcome to the daredevil world of sky diving.... and Wesley Snipes. XD