99 Pieces

99 Pieces

When Joshua Licet wakes up with his wife missing he must decide whether to lock himself in his house for forty days and 40 nights of torture or to leave her to die.

When Joshua Licet wakes up with his wife missing he must decide whether to lock himself in his house for forty days and 40 nights of torture or to leave her to die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad G (nl) wrote: As with a lot of these kinda docs, there's nothing really new to be found for the uninitiated, but if you're just sinking your teeth into the world of exploitation you'll find plenty of recommendations and warnings. It's always fun to listen to talking heads like John Landis, Joe Dante, Jack Hill, Fred Williamson, Fred Olen Ray, etc...but I also appreciated how the doc went all the way back to Edison and highlighted some of the really kinky stuff from the silents and pre-code talkies. Still, there were a couple of faces missing here. Where was Roger Corman? Where was Wes Craven? Too busy? Doubt it. VF.

Rajan B (ru) wrote: i had never seen a horror adventure thriller movie like this in indian cinema .must watch

Jackie F (kr) wrote: really love it. love the cartoon graphics and a great kids movie.

Michael G (au) wrote: I loved it... Anything for your boy

Grant S (nl) wrote: Being a mathematical person (I have a Masters degree in Statistics) I was intrigued by the premise of the movie but in the end I was left with more questions than answers and was left hanging. The plot includes too much of the mathematical detail (and medical detail, listing all the drugs Cohen was taking!), often coming across as nerdy.The solution seemed too straightforward and practical, with many details lacking here (unlike in the build-up). I thought the final mix might include emotions, basically a more relationship-centric argument, especially as the plot did allude to the potential for something to happen between Cohen and his neighbour, but this didn't come up at all.This all said, Darren Aronofsky is clearly a very talented director. His use of the black&white medium and close-up camera shots in Pi were a stroke of genius - it certainly helped one get into Cohen's mind. Requiem for a Dream is an outstanding movie but Pi fails to deliver because he took on a very weighty and complex subject in his first attempt at a motion picture. The problem lies in the screenplay (which he co-wrote), and not his direction, however.It is interesting to note Aronofsky's use of some of the effects that he would later use in Requiem for a Dream, especially the fast-forward pill-popping sequence which was always worth a chuckle in both movies (in a dark sort of way).

Adam L D (ag) wrote: This movie is so funny , with Martin short playing a 10 year old child, that wrecks havoc any where and to everyone and when he doesnt get his way, he mangles everything to shreds including his uncle Martin's life. The chemistry between Charles Grodin and Martin Short is electric! They play smart and stupid so well off each other. fun for the family with a moral ending for the kiddies.

Roy N (it) wrote: Its not as bad as everyone says, some parts almost predict the future, Connery is always worth watching, most of the rest of the cast is filled out with b-movie players from the day, but they seem to be having a good time.

RJohn X (jp) wrote: white people suck. Depressing western which is not completely nihilistic probably because of Paul Newman's big baby blues.