A Bar at the Victoria Station

A Bar at the Victoria Station


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:unemployment,  

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A Bar at the Victoria Station torrent reviews

Jane R (de) wrote: Ice Age Collision Course is the funniest by far. Fantastic, Hilarious.

Daisy M (kr) wrote: trippy and weird. decent.

Paula S (ca) wrote: Simple and powerful film, beautifully done.

Mark B (gb) wrote: go and buy. or buy two and give one to a friend. Go to the one giant leap website though!

Randy T (kr) wrote: Nearly 1,500,000 children were killed in the holocaust. These are the first hand accounts of a few that survived thanks to an English refugee program known as the Kindertransport. A fascinating but incredibly sad documentary that chronicles yet another segment of Hitler's horrific legacy.

Ben B (nl) wrote: Melancholy, but good. Believable.

Sariah S (gb) wrote: A romantic and tragic period piece featuring Cary Elwes? You obviously cannot go wrong.

Elvira B (br) wrote: I remember watching Fina Torres's opera prima and being transported to the days when I was just a girl and I visited my godmother's HUGE hacienda in the middle of Venezuela, surrounded by lush vegetation... just plants and marshes and posionous animals hehe. It was pretty but sad and scary, and you couldn't help being bothered by the humidity and thinking about ghosts at night. that's sort of what Oriana is. It's almost entirely evocative, there's even hardly a story being told. As a matter of fact, it is revealed with hesitation, discreetly, in a way that doesn't strictly narrate anything. Oriana's niece Mara comes from France to the Venezuelan countryside in order to arrange the sale of her Aunt Oriana's hacienda. As she walks through the abandoned house she remembers a summer she had spent there when she was a little girl, and all the odd pieces and ambiguous hints she had collected about a very strange presence in the house. Her recollections suggest anything from a vampire to a ghost to a serial killer, and yet nothing at all. The film wonderfully keeps Aunt Oriana's secret just below our noses and reveals it ever so subtly by the end. Meanwhile, it uses the resources of mood and suggestion to create a dark, sensual story about a dark, sensual theme that is always just around the corner. Watching Oriana is like chasing a shadow, overhearing a morbid conversation... or seeing a fire light up in the distance during an evening walk in a hacienda where you know no one else is lodged. A thousand explanations can occur to you, and you may just leave it at that, but you never really know for sure. Oriana is one of two Venezuelan films that have received awards in Cannes; this one was awarded the Camra d'Or in 1985. As in most Venezuelan films, Oriana suffers from a few uneven, low-rate performances (several conversations amongst friends have yielded a consensus: bad acting brings most national productions down). Still, the leads are actually quite decent and will not distract. The cinematography and art direction are the highlights.

JT K (jp) wrote: What starts off as a women-in-prison flick (and a gloriously tawdry one at that) turns into a kinda jumbled but still amusing rehash of The Defiant Ones. Throw in some Philippino Revolutionaries, Sid Haig, killer pimps, and the leads disguised as nuns and you have a pretty fun (if not actually good) flick.

Nik B (ru) wrote: Joe is a bit of a bastard. Clearly ambitious from the get go. He's already made steps beyond his British working class into city office job. But he wants more. He sees a future where he "owns the lot". This is among the first of the British New Wave films and other than "A Hard Day's Night", it's the only one I've seen. Like the French New Wave that was occurring simultaneously, the effect of WWII led filmmakers to make a more realistic style of film. So back to Joe. Like I said, working class. He fought for the freedom of his country like everyone else. Lost his family and his home. So his attitude is a sense of entitlement against the aristocratic people he mixes with. He sets his sights on the pretty girl getting in the expensive car. His lust extends not as much to her as a being, but as an antique possession. Best of all, she's the millionaire's daughter. But he plants the seeds that impressionable young girls grow to elms. He becomes the pariah of her parents which even he acknowledges as a breakthrough. While he bides his time, he takes time with an unhappily married French actress 10-years his senior. His conflict is ultimately the audience's. Is his time with the Mrs. his true nature, or is he selfishly maneuvering to the next ladder rung? The performance of the Frenchy, Simone Signoret was the highlight and she indeed took the Oscar home. She's dark and tragic, even in her optimism. That's true of the film altogether. While this New Wave "Angry Young Man" scene had principle, it also focused on the failures of these British men and class system that they fought through. This is a great example of that sociology and the struggle is felt to the very last scene. "Darling, you're crying."

David L (jp) wrote: Saboteur is one of Hitchcock's most underrated and most unabashedly entertaining films. It certainly is not original, the acting isn't the greatest and the beginning and ending are typical, but the entire middle section was so much fun with excellent scenarios, a memorable romantic pair at its center and with so many unforgettable and immensely entertaining scenes populated with memorable characters and imagery.

Yan B (us) wrote: Matthew McConaughey. Wow

AnneMarie B (it) wrote: OMG this is the ultimate Kleenex movie. I love how the movie uses the music to go back to points in the relationship between Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. I like their chemistry in this movie, and I like to see Cary Grant playing something other than the suave bachelor. For those who think Cary Grant cannot act, take a look at the scene where he is in the judge's office before their child is about to be taken away from them--but be sure you have about 10 Kleenex's on hand before you watch it. Gosh this movie is sweet and so very sad but ends with hope, it's one of those you need to plug in on a rainy Sunday.

Chris D (it) wrote: Vince Vaughn delivers a first-rate performance in this enjoyable little film.