A Bay of Blood

A Bay of Blood

An elderly heiress is killed by her husband who wants control of her fortunes. What ensues is an all-out murder spree as relatives and friends attempt to reduce the inheritance playing field, complicated by some teenagers who decide to camp out in a dilapidated building on the estate.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spear,   murder,   robbery,  

An elderly heiress is killed by her husband who wants control of her fortunes. What ensues is an all-out murder spree as relatives and friends attempt to reduce the inheritance playing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebeccah R (fr) wrote: A sad, lovely and upsetting story about a young woman who has to sell her body in order to save the family from losing their house. Linh is a Vietnamese/Australian intelligent university student who meets lots of horrible people but also some unexpected relationships that effects her life in a good way. It is a compelling story with interesting twists and a good cast.

Graham D (de) wrote: Insane and oddly depressing.

Filipe C (it) wrote: What's the opposite of a bromance? Galmance? This is what Baby Mama is. It doesn't shatter the world, but it certainly delivers.

Robyn M (ag) wrote: This is based on a true story in San Francisco years back they did a experimental reality show on a ordinary guy just finding a way to joggle his family life, jobs and love life into one big balancing act. of coarse this movie was over Dramatized and changed the names and used actors,its pretty bad if a cable channel is desperate enough to find anything for viewship. woody harlison is utterly annouying i wish someone would tell him to shut it or maybe tape his mouth for awhile.

Alex V (mx) wrote: emocionante, gran pelcula...

Valentin G (ca) wrote: Some years ago, when i was in primary school i felt facinated by the prehistoric times and the life of mans and womens of that time. Nothing was as it's today, nowadays there are only a few evidence of that civilization.When i knew in 2008 that was released a film about prehistory, i wasn't very interested, but i wanted to see it. It was going to be directed and written by Roland Emmerich, at that time I didn't know who was him.The first time i saw the picture, i believe in all, although i found the story a little weird and at times ridiculous, nothing seemed really bad to me. I was 9 years, for me every movie with a scene of war was good.Now, i know that Mr. Emmerich is a very bad director and this is maybe his worst work. 10,000 B.C is horrible, the script tell us the tipical silly romantic story, but in a different period. We see man cultivating the ground, highly organized civilizations, the pyramid of Djoser, man on horseback and man working the iron, you don't need to be over-fussy to realize that these things never took place 8,000 years before Christ.The initial scene is so poor, the landscape is similar to what you see on the countrysite, I'm not saying that we should see volcanoes erupting or things like that, but it was so difficult to make the earth a bit more hostile or different with the aid of special effects?The main performances are totally lazy, Steven Strait as D'Leh, a kind of not evolved human with the ugliest name of the history and Camilla Belle as Evolet, the typical virgin, beautiful and innocent girl that fears to the world.Ok, maybe you could enjoy the scene of the last battle because is well filmed and there's a lot of people and blood and elephants, but this movie is not recommended at all. One more thing, if you know a lot of B.C period don't see it , probably you end up hating cinema.

Phillie E (br) wrote: A very good 80's rom-com.

Big W (au) wrote: Great flick for sports fans!

Eric R (ru) wrote: A Warlock from the 1600s arrives in 1980s Los Angeles to continue his devotion to the devil. On his trail, a warlock hunter from the 1600s who has followed the warlock forward in time. WARLOCK is essentially a b-movie supernatural version of The Terminator. It's an entertaining film which features some fun gruesome deaths, courteousy of our Warlock. Julian Sands is extremely creepy as the Warlock. He oozes unease and really does a great job at creating a memorable villain. This film has a good amount of 80s cheese but its damn entertaining.