A Beginner's Guide to Endings

A Beginner's Guide to Endings

The film centers on three brothers who, upon learning they only have a few days left to live, set off to reverse a lifetime of mistakes. Hopper and Simmons are playing the brothers' father and uncle, respectively, while Caan is one of the brothers. Helfer is Caan's girlfriend, a woman with a dangerous past.

Upon learning they only have a few days left to live, three brothers set off to reverse a lifetime of mistakes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (mx) wrote: I love the humour in this movie and it also has a great message!

TheRookieWriter M (ru) wrote: The only reason the movie is better than the book is for one reason. Even though it was a fake-out, at least they gave us an action scene instead of them showing up, they say two lines, and just leave!

Lee M (fr) wrote: This modest drama hits few surprising notes but feels knowledgeable about the downsides to life in a balmy vacation spot, where the lure of permanent irresponsibility can bewitch even lifelong inhabitants.

Arty B (es) wrote: This one was kind of weird and ended abruptly.

Dirk G (br) wrote: This was a lot of fun! Why not just give it 5 out of 5? Deus Ex Machina, that's why. Still, a nifty way to spend two hours. And isn't that fruit bat just the coolest?

Mike B (mx) wrote: Atrocious tripe. As bad as you think it will be. My IQ is lower for having watched it.

Monica W (jp) wrote: one of the best movie of kevin bacon

Marilee A (it) wrote: This is Not the entirety of the Missing "Roots" by Alex Haley from the Mini-Series of 1977, but more in addition to it.Also excellent & Life Altering.Thank You Alex Haley for sharing your Families Story, You made a Difference in the World, you made a Difference in how People View Other People. They may have remade you in 2016, but this original version is still the best

Ennis Brokeback L (kr) wrote: I somewhat know why HBO does not want people to know about this film but it is a good movie. Kris Kristofferson kills Kirkwood Smith over the gun that shot JFK. Come on people it is something that needs to be watched.

Bradley P (de) wrote: If you can find the un-dubbed version, hilarity is bound to ensue. The film is awful, but everyone gets a start somewhere.

Joshua L (es) wrote: good story but more fighting and better filming cudda done wonders 4 this

Phil H (jp) wrote: Didn't get much of a release, was pretty much snuck out straight to DVD. The cast is quite epic if you read the cover, De Niro, Whitaker errr...50 Cent and um Vinnie Jones, well come on its got De Niro and Whitaker sheesh!.A crooked cop thriller, wait, a run of the mill unoriginal crooked cop thriller to be more precise. 50 (man that's easy to type) joins the NYPD with his two best buds. De Niro is his new boss in a special task force division, the same division that 50's father was once a member of before he was murdered. So far so good for 50 nickels errr Cent, only one problem...this division is crooked! not really a surprise seeing as I told you already. Huh maybe I should reword that, to hell with it!.In all honesty this film is actually a good watch, well the first half or so. As we watch 50 and his two mates join the force and get with their respective partners things get real interesting. We learn early on all is not kosher in this city with the thin blue line. 50 is under the wing of Whitaker who is your stereotypical drug using corrupt cop, he ignores crimes, sells narcotics and kills people without thinking. Naturally 50 slowly gets corrupted himself by this lifestyle. 50's other two friends (one black, one white) find themselves with racist partners. But to make things even we get racism from both sides of the coin, the white rookie gets a neo Nazi looking redneck and the black rookie gets a black fat middle aged partner who dislikes whites.This early part of the film is terrific as it shows some excellent dialog between these new cop partnerships, racial tension and violence. Everything is pretty cliched and old but its still grabs your attention or should I say morbid curiosity. The scary thing is each racist cop duo do have seemingly accurate points to make about each others people, its not very PC but the truth hurts and in America I'm sure it happens for real. What the older black cop says about his own people (mainly the younger generation) I'm sure hit home with many, clearly in the script for a reason.As fast as we get this exciting stuff it fades away and we are left with just a dull informer cop thriller. 50 simply sees the error of his ways and decides to go undercover to stitch up the crooked cop ringleaders. Its weird because you are half expecting a really good racial bust up flick within the police force, but that just slips away.The big guns in the film elevate this greatly, without them it would sink, of course they are very good, you know who I mean. Unfortunately they also show 50 for the very very average actor he is, you could say he's learning the ropes but no, you can see this guy ain't no actor. I guess this was a vehicle for 50 Cent because I can't really see any other reason for it to have been made, its a very dated concept which has been done many times before much better. Good start, had potential but totally loses its way from the midway point I'm afraid.

James C (nl) wrote: hard nails cruise is brutal and funny. gets abit lost with the story and the motives of the characters