A Big Love Story

A Big Love Story

Sam is a former college football star whose chance to play in the NFL abruptly ends with a blown out knee. Seven years later, he finds himself alone, working a minimum wage job and weighing a deadly 413lbs. The time has come for some change! The time has come for some weight loss! Enter Cassie, a personal trainer who not only helps him lose weight but find love. Steering clear of the standard transformation formula seen on many current television shows such as, "Biggest Loser," Sam finds acceptance - and love - in unexpected places.

An obese ex-football player falls in love while he goes on a diet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wa M (ag) wrote: Watched the 4k version. I really felt the struggle inside the character. Very impressive.

Chris B (us) wrote: has its moments...fat lad to friend"I have done extreme sports.""what? like bungee jumping?""no. pony trekking""that is not an extreme sport""it is for the pony..."

John B (kr) wrote: Good animated movie that I was able to enjoy with my sons, interesting story line and look at a young Thor with a sword before the Hammer.

Bill T (gb) wrote: Short made that was the forerunner for the film Napoleon Dynamite. That film wasn't exactly my favorite film ever, but this short film is certainly palatable and does provide a glimpse into the early development of Jon Heder's character.

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Frank H (ag) wrote: A boring, lousy remake of an entertaining, lousy horror film. Like the original, it takes place in a decrepit Hollywood apartment complex, chock-a-block with disposable wanna-be starlets who all have a date with the claw side of a hammer. Other than that, it bears no resemblance to director Dennis Donnelly's 1978 version. Legend Tobe Hooper directs this time, continuing his career's downward trajectory (how low can it go?). Stupid "updates" like the addition of mystery and supernatural elements come off as comical, and instead of Cameron Mitchell's icky persona, we get a faceless, humanity-free rubber monster. Tobe Hooper sucks. There, I said it. Texas Chainsaw? Sure, it's great...however, that was thirty-seven years ago. What else? Funhouse (1981) is silly and...well, fun. And as far as Poltergeist (1982), you can't tell me that Steven Spielberg didn't direct ninety percent of that. This was directed by someone who was asleep at the wheel, or didn't give a shit, and was grimly collecting a paycheck.

Bill S (us) wrote: Extremely well made suspense film !!

Sophie B (br) wrote: Not a film for everyone, but one that's well written and affecting, with some good performances on show.

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Paul P (ca) wrote: If it wasn't for The Squid and the Whale i would have no clue this even existed

Harpreet S (au) wrote: Rating: 3.6/5. A very religious film, the characters are so simple. It has one of the great monologues in all of cinema by Lerdorff Rye, the first shot of him. The panning camera movements are grand. A wonderful film.

Montana P (de) wrote: Heartbreakingly beautiful, Julianne Moore's performance grasped onto my heart and with the help of Kristen Stewart, ripped it in two.