A Bit of Tom Jones?

A Bit of Tom Jones?

In a late night bar, Henry is approached by a mysterious woman who offers to sell him the severed "manhood" of Wales' greatest vocal entertainer. Believing he can make a fortune selling the infamous appendage on to obsessive fans, Henry stumps up the cash. To help find the right buyer, Henry teams up with his slightly dodgy best friend Teddy and together the two head off on an insane journey that leads them deep into the secret world of celebrity body part trading.

In a late night bar, Henry is approached by a mysterious woman who offers to sell him the severed "manhood" of Wales' greatest vocal entertainer... Believing he can make a fortune selling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Bit of Tom Jones? torrent reviews

Randy B (kr) wrote: The movie left me unsatisfied. It does well to cast such an air of mystery that the resolve just isn't there. There is good performances by all, but that's about it.

Doctor S (it) wrote: mystery starring Audrey Tautou

Tim M (ru) wrote: "The movie is very effective as a pure genre exercise, with its highly managed look (cold, greenish-yellow colors) and visual effects for Winnie's mental crack-up interspersed with some good, straightforward shocks." Creepy performance from Choi. Captivating direction.

Suanne M (ag) wrote: billed as a horrific revenge-driven slasher flick, this one really let me down. the choppiness of the cinematography, although adding to the creepiness/gore factor of the death scenes, did little to nothing to redeem this movie. the acting is atrocious to say the very least. there is one part {not to give anything major away}where after they find out who the killer is, the true backstory is revealed. as the storyteller begins getting upset at reliving what happened, the female lead gasps "OH MY!" what, did a geriatric black midget just slap his mini-me cock on her shoulder and say, "pull my finger?" no...no he didn't {and sorry boys and girls...there is no geriatric black midget in this movie although i think that would've somewhat saved it}. the ending was very abrupt and, in my humble opinion {and take it as you will, though i've seen many a horror/slasher flick in my time}, plain STOO-PID. the credits rolled and i was pissed, though i don't think i'd be able to sit through much more of it had it lasted any longer.

Vagelakis (de) wrote: A sarcastic, dark ''comedy'', a bizarre allegory on life in Hungary from World War II to the present. Sets the body as landscape and art, a source of personal discovery, wonder, and annihilation.

Agustn S (es) wrote: Sin City earns it's R-Rating with some truly unsettling moments and themes, it's gory and strangely rewarding execution and an atmosphere that is as breath-taking to look at as it is harsh and dark. It's special effects sometimes bring down the grandeur of it's visual style, and the narrative may be to brutal for some, still, the movie has a varied, interesting cast of characters and plenty of style to be worth the watch.

Scott A (de) wrote: Some good action but it can get very stupid at times. A twist should be seen a mile away and while I like Weller and Hannah....they just ham it up too much. The kid actor is awful.

Maryam T (it) wrote: A pretty cute sequel to Dennis the Menace.But it wasn't as interesting as the first movie. I lost focus at some time.

Art S (ca) wrote: The 280 minute director's cut drastically improves Wim Wenders' 1991 film that was seen in a brutally cut version upon release. Having loved Wings of Desire (his previous fiction film) at the time, it was a great disappointment to experience the incoherent release (but not quite as disappointing as the sequel to Wings of Desire and many of Wenders' subsequent films - he took a steep dive and only recovered with Buena Vista Social Club and other documentaries). So, my "experiment" in viewing this long version was to see whether Wenders had truly lost his touch or whether there was a masterpiece here lost in the editing room. The answer is somewhere in the middle. There are so many luminescent moments in the film, thanks to Robby Muller's incredible cinematography and the colourful art direction that sees blobs and splashes everywhere. But Wenders allows himself to be indulgent to the extreme in creating the ultimate "road movie" (since that once was his central theme). Yes, 15 countries on 4 continents are visited, his favorite musicians of the time are soundchecked, and many movies are referenced and classic actors associated with great films (Moreau, von Sydow, Chisru Ryu, Gulpilil) make an appearance. But the sci-fi plot that sees William Hurt capturing video from a "stolen" camera to make his blind mother see, chased by Solveig Dommartin chased by Sam Neill and Rudiger Vogler is still unwieldy. Yet, the extended length does allow the plot to breathe and the final 90 minutes in Australia wed an almost experimental vision (of the images in our dreams as transposed to fuzzy colors) to the proceedings. It's all still a bit of a mess (with the end of the world threat paling in comparison to today's real environmental threats) but I'm glad I took the journey.

Ash J (br) wrote: I watched this one through "Mystery Science Theater" once and Wow! am I glad I had those guys making fun of it the whole time. Otherwise it would have been unbearable. So the movie itself gets very low scores.

Scott N (mx) wrote: i love the song GIRL HAPPY and the movie was pretty good too.

Kevin R (br) wrote: You know what a mother tiger does when she's mad? She eats her young. A young man from Alaska convicted of murder has been sentenced to jail where he does everything in his power to make life rough for the warden. He has a high tolerance for isolation and pain but eventually works with another inmate to calm his nerves through the study of birds. The inmate somehow relates well to birds and eventually studies them so intensely that he becomes the countries foremost expert on birds and their diseases. Can he use his skill set to advance his life and maybe prison life as we know it? "What a face? Like a hand full of worms." John Frankenheimer, director of Reindeer Games, Ronin, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Black Sunday, French Connection II, The Iceman Cometh, and The Manchurian Candidate (1962), delivers The Birdman of Alcatraz. The storyline for this movie is interesting and unpredictable and contains a brilliant main character. The script is very well written and the cast delivers stunning performances. The cast includes Burt Lancaster, Karl Malden, Telly Savalas, Neville Brand, Thelma Ritter, and Hugh Marlowe. "One thing I've learned is not to abuse time." I DVR'd this movie off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) recently and was excited to finally sit down and watch it in its entirety (2 hour and 45 minute runtime). I thought the main character was fascinating and Burt Lancaster was awesome as the lead character. The narration was very good and the main character's interaction with each supporting character was very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed this picture. "I give you the illusion of freedom. Enjoy it." Grade: A

Art S (ca) wrote: Solid (but with no frills) entry in the long running Charlie Chan series, falling into the admittedly lesser half of the serial featuring Sidney Toler and lower budgets. Charlie is visiting a police convention in New York and Number Two Son Jimmy tags along. This time, the case to crack is one of sabotage and as usual there are a number of murders and a number of suspects. As is also typical, some of these suspects are easily confused - nevertheless, Charlie catches the right one! Shemp Howard appears in a bit part as a phony "East Indian!"

Nicola W (ca) wrote: Loved this. How Spiderman came to be and he saved new york from the evil lizard. Great film.

Jaime B (gb) wrote: Buensima actuacin de Steve Carell y me gust como lograron desarrollar una historia complicada de manera entendible, aunque quien no prestara atencin a Margot Robbie en un bao de burbujas!