A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

The lives of the members of a West Yorkshire cycling club are complicated by romantic entanglements and a series of bike thefts.

When a local cycle club, invite a couple of new members to join them, little do the club realise, that they will soon be involved in a couple of illegal bookmakers putting the squeeze on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Boy, a Girl and a Bike torrent reviews

Mike M (ag) wrote: Heartfelt and touching telling of one couple's tragic loss and how they work through their pain. First rate performances from a talented cast.

Simon N (br) wrote: An astonishing film. Well shot. Well acted Great music. A beautiful, grim, real, romance. Perfect.

Barry N (it) wrote: This film was a fairly decent expansion to a great film. I love the idea of many experiements running through Hawaii, and this introduction was great.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Eddie Murphy is a comic genius, but one with incredibly bad taste in film projects. This was awful.

Kathy G (gb) wrote: Terrific movie with real content! Garcia and Ryan are flawless in their character portrayals. Storyline is great for today's society what many families are truly going thru. Tear-jerker at times.. but loved every minute.

Super K (it) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. I found it amusing how the guy had a kept mistress but she always refused him sex. This fool of an old man is taken in by this couple. He buys the woman an apartment and even takes money from his job to get her money that she gives to her loser asshole of a boyfriend who would whore her out in a second for a few bucks. It builds then finaly blows up, not in a humurous war.

Richard C (de) wrote: The DVD transfer is cheap and the hiss was often louder than characters' voices. Plus, some of the characters have thick accents - plus, there were no subtitles available. So I missed a buncha plot details which are always essential in any film especially one of Hitchcock's. Still, the setting in the house was at least atmospheric (though a little clunkily directed) and the comedy is so dated to the point where it's recycled and chuckle worthy. Interesting characters and more or less good actors for them. The climax would be palpable with good production; or, filmed a couple of years later when the technology didn't reduce filming miniature trains and buses.

Frank B (it) wrote: I really dislike each and everyone who has disliked this film. Everyone attempts to talk so intelligently and speak as if they have any real knowledge of what a good movie is. Makes me delirious how cynical everyone is trying to plague their opinion on everything. I played the Hitman games and my goodness this film did its best to replicate it in an action movie. Timmy O played a great agent 47. The strange and ominous dialogue is exactly like the game. So if you are going to critique the movie like a movie why don't you either critique the game or even play the game, unless you are afraid you might enjoy it.Frank

Stanley K (us) wrote: Hilarious, particularly if you like (cheesy) American cop action movies a little more than you really should...