A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

Set in the year 2024 in post-apocalyptic America, 18-year old Vic and his telepathic dog Blood are scavengers in the desolate wilderness ravaged by World War 4, where survivors must battle for food, shelter, and sexual companionship in the desert-like wasteland. Vic and Blood eke out a meager existence, foraging for food and fighting gangs of cutthroats.

Vic (Don Johnson) is a libidinous 18-year-old traversing the post-apocalyptic desert of 2024, in the company of his telepathic dog, Blood. Vic finds food for Blood, while Blood sniffs out girls for Vic. When Vic finds one place that has escaped the devastation of the war, he also finds some rather odd attitudes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joby D (nl) wrote: Fantastic title! I HAVE to see this!

Fabien V (gb) wrote: great european road movie

Shawn S (ca) wrote: Just the right amount of humor and 1980s cheesiness.It's interesting to see Jim Carrey before he hit it big.

Kjetil H (gb) wrote: St,s st den er denne nostalgi trippen her! Ahh, disse Amerikanerne er ikke til tro,men de kan virkelig skrive om historien!! Makalaust urealisktisk,men veldig feelgood da. For romantikere av alle typer seksuell legning denne "stsaken" her!

Ben R (jp) wrote: White Lightning which was the first installment of Gator McKlusky movies Starring Burt Reynolds was a good enough effort, but lacked alot of action,suspense and was very light on humor. I'm happy to say that Gator is one hell of an action packed, well paced, hilariously funny Burt Reynolds film. This was filmed during the mid 70s right before Burt's shot into super stardom with Smokey and The Bandit, and you can tell Mr.Reynolds is in his prime during this period. Right out the gate the movie starts off with a fantastic action scene that involves a boat chase in the bayou, showing Burt could do his own stunts back in the day. The plot centers around the fact that the local governor is using McKlusky yet again to go after a former friend... Bama McCall played by Jerry Reed because he owes some taxes and is suspected of indulging in some unsavory business practices. I made a comment in my other review for White Lightning saying that Ned Beatty the bad guy in that was very non threatening and not dangerous at all. Jerry Reed plays the total scumbag complete with southern drawl and violent temper. Reed shows off his stunt man fighting skills a couple times in this and I must say I was extremely impressed. He played the heavy just wonderfully and gave Burt a run for his money along with his creepy Henchmen, one played by a 7 foot tall monster of a man. Veteran character actor Jack Weston does a great job playing the fish outta water NYC detective, hired by the local governor to locate and blackmail McKlusky into going after his friend. Weston and Reynolds really work well as a comedic team, and I would have liked to see more movies with them together. Lauren Hutton Plays the sexy female lead back in her glory days as a leading actress and did a good enough job, but nothing super special. I really liked how the film would have these laugh out loud moments,then go to a super serious scene that usually involved some real issues such as underage prostitution,poverty and drug use. All in all this film was well balanced with the comedy,action and drama. Not to mention this was Burt Reynolds first directing gig and I would have to say this was one hell of a way to start out. Reynolds does a few creative shots, and the lighting is actually shot better here than in the previous film. The action scenes were just works of art if you're a fan of boat chases and bar fights. I'll also add that I really dug the 70s southern funk soundtrack. Jerry Reed also did the awsome theme song that starts during the opening credits.Pretty much If you're a fan of 70s action comedies and like your movies with a bit of a southern flavor, you can't go wrong with Gator.

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Knox M (kr) wrote: An overrated Otto Preminger flick saved by good cinematography and an exceptional Olivier performance.

Johnny T (us) wrote: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a jubilant mix of laughter, longing, forgiveness, sacrifice, commitment and, above all, balancing family obligations against true love. Though it sometimes feels like a television sitcom, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is good-hearted, lovable, and delightfully eccentric, with a sharp script and lead performance from Nia Vardalos. Endearing eccentricities, such as Toula's father's improvisational Greek etymologies of words like "kimono" and his reliance on Windex for a range of external-use medicinal purposes, help humanize the characters. We're sitting around the storyteller as she tells us about her family and all their crazy personalities and relationships with each other. And we can smile knowingly because family dynamics are easily relatable. To their credit, Hanks and Wilson stuck to their guns, keeping Vardalos and her ethnicity in a film that is as much a triumph of the underdog and word-of-mouth as it is a box office success. With Corbett's laidback persona nicely countering Vardalos's authorial performance, the picture radiates a pure affability that's awfully attractive. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a very slim movie that succeeds on its own modest terms without pretense or apology. An ugly duckling fairytale that is predictable and brimming with clichs - but so earnest, funny and joyful that it's a complete delight all the same.VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)