A Brand New Life

A Brand New Life

Young Jinhee is taken by her father to an orphanage near Seoul. He leaves her there never to return, and she struggles to come to grips with her fate. Jinhee desperately believes her father will come back for her and take her on a trip. The film is based on the experiences of the director, an ethnic Korean who was adopted by a French couple in the 1970s.

Inspired by her childhood, French-Korean filmmaker Ounie Lecomte recounts the emotional journey of a little girl abandoned by her father in an orphanage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach S (fr) wrote: To call this movie 'completely nuts' would be the understatement of the millennium, and don't mistake that 5 star rating to mean that's its some masterfully made classic. Oh no. It certainly has problems. But by god is it FUN to watch, particularly in a group! The actors all really go for it and whenever you think it can't get any more bonkers it does. The opening robbery scene alone is worth the price of admission. It's definitely not a movie for kids and should not be shown to them, but if you're like me and love both horror films and movies that are so bad they're good, this is a godsend. Highly recommended.

Beifeng W (es) wrote: neat one, Japanese movie

Togno G (br) wrote: Muestra del mejor cine latonoamericano, hecho con un guin inteligene, simple y cido. Emociones universales, como la soledad y el tedio son presentadas de manera cmica y majestuosa por este par de cineastas uruguayos.

Ondrej (jp) wrote: Visually very unique. Parenthood pointers 101. Cool performances, original cinematography, great plot arch.

James T (es) wrote: it was a good idea but badly but together

Hannah D (gb) wrote: why sean astin, whhhhy?

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Juliano K (br) wrote: there should be an zero star option here!! I forgot this movie, saw it life one year before reviewing