A Bunny's Tale

A Bunny's Tale

A dramatization of Gloria Steinem's undercover investigation of the working conditions Bunnies faced at the Playboy Clubs.

A dramatization of Gloria Steinem's undercover investigation of the working conditions Bunnies faced at the Playboy Clubs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark V (us) wrote: This movie was complete shit. It wasn't a documentary, but just propaganda. The only other side shown on the argument was at the beginning when the director interviewed a few people on their thoughts of Bronies. What is the most irritating about the documentary is that they had "scientists" conduct "studies" that showed that Bronies were not actually old pedophiles (average age was "20") but that these Bronies were "highly educated". The documentary decided not to explain how these studies were conducted, what the methodology consisted of, what the sample size was, if there was a control group, the operationalization of "education" etc. There was also a "psychologist" that postulated that this show was helping people cope with a post 9/11 world. She mentioned 9/11 a few times in that sentence. She was obviously reading cue cards as you can see her eyes moving to read something in the distance. You also had John De Lancie defending these people and talking about the magic of the show, when he obviously had forgotten he had ever done it. It was just so incredibly fake. The whole documentary did not expand on many points anyone made. One writer for the show stated, "My son isn't able to talk, isn't able to walk, he isn't able to do any of the things I expected him to be able to do, if he was a Brony, I would think that's amazing, because he would be a sweet understanding compassionate boy that got that watching girl character doing awesome thing is just as good as watching boy characters doing awesome things." She never mentions anything else about her son. Does she have a son? Does she have a mute, limbless boy? So watching a show immediately makes you follow the morals the show teaches? Could these guys not just like it because it's pretty? Or could they not still be awful people?If it was a documentary, why was there not the other side of the coin? Why only look at the positives or from the viewpoint of the Bronies? The story is one side and that side isn't even very interesting. Shows people being Bronies, and why it was spun to be positive, why could they go into why these people would need a show to tell them to be kind and be a friend? A lot of these people are introverted, one of them was even autistic. Maybe shed some light on that, but it was just there to push Bronies. Boo Boo Boo.

Jeff S (it) wrote: Sorry guys. This a wonderful quirky British comedy. If you don't like it, stay away from British films. You're missing a lot.

Dylan D (jp) wrote: An engaging, purposeful, and superbly-crafted Documentary, It Might Get Loud is the sum of both guitar and man, the film showcasing not only a trio of Rock legends' mastery of the instrument and constant desire to improve upon its distinctive flavor, but also how the instrument shaped their personal lives both on the stage and within their souls. Subjects Jimmy Page, Jack White, and David Evans are all equally fascinating as the film pieces together their personal journeys that placed them on the path to musical stardom and the bond they share not only through music and instrument but at a deeper level that's been developed by years of appreciating the musical arts and its impact on every aspect of their lives, both external and internal. A solid Documentary in every regard, all audiences -- fans of the music legends depicted therein or not -- will find something to treasure in It Might Get Loud.

Nicole (gb) wrote: herrlich schwarz und total schrg

lil s (ca) wrote: i have never cried soo much this iz soooosad

Justin O (nl) wrote: Farley's last film, it was sad to see really, knowing that he couldn't make another film to make us forget how crappy this one was.

Jade S (br) wrote: Richard Pryor is the Ultimate Originator Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Cedric the Entertainer are all Imitators

John C (ca) wrote: A thrilling portrait of a man out of sync with his own conscience. Contains one of the best performances Jack Lemmon has ever given.

Paavo L (us) wrote: Tuttua James Stewart laatua

Ted S (de) wrote: I get it! I finally get the Carry On series! This is nothing like the quasi-soft porn crud they were cranking out by the late 60's/early 70's...and it's great to see Hartnell pre-Doctor Who.

Michael R (de) wrote: A great movie. Nice to get a glimpse of a lost piece of maritime history.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: If I could go back in time to this era,I would make it a mission to see the real Ziegfeld Follies,but this will have to do.I don't care what reviews are here,I could eat this film with a spoon ! I admit to indulging in it everytime I see it's on TCM

Greg W (gb) wrote: good period pic romancer

John A (nl) wrote: This Underrated Slasher, Follows Officer Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell), Who Is Suspected Of Being A Serial Killer. This Killer Stalks The Streets In An Officer's Uniform. Forrest Must Clear His Name And Find Proof Of His Innocence. As A Thriller It's Mediocre, As A Slasher It's Average And With Decent Performances And A Somewhat Basic, Typical & Average Plot Line It Works.

anthony h (ag) wrote: This Masterpiece not getting a Best picture Oscar Nomination is proof that The AMPAS are idiots. This film is one of the most unique and touching films I have ever seen. Judy Davis plays a poor country named Sybylla, who may not beautiful but is witty and passionate about having a career. She is a modren character for the 1900's australian society she lives in but her choice in the end is still shocking today in 21st century. Great costume design and Art direction make it also visually pleasing.