A Caribbean Mystery

A Caribbean Mystery

Aging Major Palgrave, an idiosyncratic but charming mystery writer, reveals to Miss Marple that one of the guests at a luxurious Caribbean resort they're staying at is a Bluebeard-type wife murderer. Unfortunately, the Major succumbs to an apparently accidental overdose of alcohol and blood pressure medication before revealing the killer's identity. When it's discovered that the medicine belonged to another guest and the revealing photograph the Major was carrying is missing, Miss Marple realizes that the serial killer has struck again and more murders will follow.

While Miss Marple is on vacation in a luxurious Caribbean resort, a fellow guest confides he has evidence that another resident of the hotel is an unscrupulous serial murderer but is poisoned before he can reveal his identity to her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Caribbean Mystery torrent reviews

Sonny N (ru) wrote: Idk this movie was kinda crappy

Tom H (de) wrote: Decent film filled with corny 70`s italian effects (thats a plus in my book).I will not call it a Excorsist rip-off, all though this probably would not be made without it. The story is very different in comparison except from the possessed bit and exorcism. A recommended watch for horror fans.

james f (br) wrote: funny funny funny. best snl movie and one of the best comedy movies of 90s

Jenn M (es) wrote: I was bored to absolute tears, I barely made it halfway through before I started to wonder wtf was going on and whether it was possible to get way better in the next few minutes. I didn't like those odds so I cut my losses and put on Jaws instead