A Castle in Italy

A Castle in Italy

Louise meets Nathan, her dreams resurface. It's also the story of her ailing brother, their mother, and the destiny of a leading family of wealthy Italian industrialists. The story of a family falling apart, a world coming to an end and love beginning.

A family is forced to sell their Italian home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zurina (ag) wrote: Except for Irfan Khan and Kay Kay Menon appear to have given their best, the rest - a sad case of over-acting.

Hector P (it) wrote: High concentration of heavy duty expletives. A powerhouse of acting talent but missing something. Tense claustrophobic thriller with stand out performances from Ian McShane and John Hurt. Ray Winston is still one of the most charismatic bodies on screen but the script is nowhere near as strong as "Sexy Beast"

Jeremy N (es) wrote: I couldn't get in to this one as much. There were a couple of great moments, (fleeing on the mo-ped was shot very cool I thought), but all in all the story just made little sense to me. I'm still confused.

Javier F (mx) wrote: This was my first movie about the jew culture, I learnt a little bit more about them but I still think this is a strange culture

Ying Ho W (es) wrote: R.I.P. Chang Jin Young.........

Laura B (kr) wrote: This was the first anime I ever saw, so it still remains close to my heart!

Zeynep C (fr) wrote: how can l watch this movie, l could not manage

Brian S (kr) wrote: this is a movie about cars and cameras--and that's just fine. the people aren't that exciting, and they're not all that likable. in that sense, it doesn't really matter who crashes and burns and who takes home the big prize at the end. it'd be essentially the same movie if a few characters switched lives. the interesting part of this film is the Formula One racing and the terrific (even if a bit cheesy at times) cinematography that captured it. the car's-eye-view angle was really cool--would have loved to have seen that in Cinerama. overall this lengthy piece is entertaining enough to hold my interest and give me an appreciation for the golden age of auto racing--I probably would have even preferred a bit more auto racing. also props to the great Toshiro Mifune and a very young Jessica Walter. their characters might not be outstanding, but it's still fun to see them on screen.

Private U (it) wrote: Brit gangster movies are the best!