A Cat In Paris

A Cat In Paris

A thrilling mystery that unfurls in the alleys and on the rooftops of the French capital, Paris, over the course of one adventurous evening.

A girl, struck mute by the trauma of her father's death, follows her pet cat across the Parisian rooftops and unravels a thrilling mystery over the course of a single evening. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (br) wrote: Awful has expected. The only reason I saw it is because I thought it will be funny like most films like this, but I didn't even laugh or have a good time. Stuff this movie.

Spencer P (it) wrote: A quiet, slice-of-life tale of inner transformation that has some very talented actors who are given plenty of sharp dialogue, but it is their characterizations and the story that aren't so strong, and that don't set it apart from even the best Hallmark movies.

Millo T (it) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. I would have preferred another soccer player, but... The story is nice, and the end saves part of the problems in which the movie had created to itself during the last half of it.

Joshua B (jp) wrote: This movie was fun to watch, in a classic b-movie horror kind of way. The acting was actually quite good in places, and I think the two central actors (Natassia Malthe and Brendan Fletcher) could easily have great careers ahead of them. And this film was the best of the series, without a doubt, and I liked that it was the most like the original game. I still would have enjoyed seeing more tips of the hat toward the game, though. Like giving the full vampires striped skin and such.

Nandita B (jp) wrote: its a very good movie !

Moya W (ca) wrote: I didn't expect Wind Chill to be quite as "jumpy" as it ended up being. I jumped more times to this movie than I'd like to admit. Emily Blunt did a great American accent and the movie managed to tell you everything that you needed to know without it getting redundant. I also thought it was smart how the characters didn't have any names, this resulted in the movie only being about the storyline and the plot and nothing else. I could still feel a tiny bit distracted at times and it could sometimes move forward a bit slowly but other than that it was a good thriller, it reminded me a bit of Frozen, but I'm afraid that I prefered Frozen more.

Urmi C (us) wrote: Good Movie, very nice songs

Jason L (kr) wrote: If it weren't for Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorf I would likely have rated this a solid 3 stars out of 5. This is the very best work I have seen Lili Taylor give and it was really an award caliber performance. She absolutely nails the dark beauty and complex maze of a paranoid schizophrenic' s mind. Something that I haven't seen in a light hearted yet tortured display from any other female actor. Bravo! Stephen Dorf was also stellar as Candy Darling, presenting an incredibly soft hearted role for the portrayal of a transvestite. He really was beautiful. Great and darkly enjoyable film. Not something I would have ever sought out to watch, but once it started I just couldn't change the channel and I am glad for that!

Dane K (nl) wrote: Hercules (supposed to be known as Heracles in Greek Mythology) was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but is represented in this mini-series that is, well, wussy. The first half of this mini-series is absolutely atrocious. Hercules doesn't even look like he's going to become a great hero, instead he is (and the actor portrays him) like a whiny English schoolboy bitch. The second half is much better. On the plus side, the story is of course excellent, albeit poorly executed, and the whole thing shorter than 3 hours. Also, I hated the inclusion of that waste of acting "talent" from Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin - although anyone in that movie is a waste) in the cast - horrible.

Rachel B (br) wrote: Amazing performance by Jessica Lange.

sian b (mx) wrote: This is when the effects were so bad yet the film was so good.........

Ryan M (au) wrote: 5.3/10 David Cronenberg is pretty much the Canadian God of the horror genre. I've loved him, I've liked him, and at times, I've even disliked him. I don't know. Sometimes, I just have problems accepting his execution, but I am always - and I mean ALWAYS - intrigued by his fascination with gory "body-horror" scenes and effects. He's good at what he does, and who am I to say he doesn't always make a movie that I like? Few of his films are truly bad, and that's because he is, in fact, a very good filmmaker. And like a good filmmaker should, he knows what he's doing; whether he's making a horror movie or a taut drama. Sometimes, he can juggle both at the same time and still get a good result. "Rabid", an earlier Cronenberg film, is the director's attempt at telling his own little vampire story. There's plenty of the man's style and bloody whimsy to be found here, and his ambitions are both impressive and admirable. However, it's the execution that matters, and here's a film that lacks the right amount of substance to match its style. This could have made for a pretty good film, and to some people, it still is good. I don't know. Maybe a film like this is your idea of a good time, but it's not necessarily mine. A fatal motorcycle accident puts Rose (Marilyn Chambers) in the hospital, where she is properly nursed back to health. The doctors insist on giving her transplants through plastic surgery, and the results appear to be unexpectedly positive, especially for the kind of operation that was done. However, it is soon revealed that the surgery created something new inside Rose. Under her armpit is a stinger, which can come in, come out as it pleases. She uses the stinger to get blood from anyone she encounters, as she has developed a sort of craving for it. After she's done feeding, the victims' memories are erased, and Rose can continue feeding until she isn't hungry anymore. The problem with this is that the victims don't die. Once they regain consciousness, the victims turn into rabid zombies; and soon, it's implied that an outbreak may be soon to come. And not long after that, we're seeing police taking action (shooting at the infected, missing, and instead hitting an innocent mall Santa); zombies take action, and plenty more chaotic behavior. There will be blood; oh yes, there will. And...if you happen to like blood, then maybe this film is for you. I can't say it WASN'T for me, but there was about as much that I agreed with as there was that I didn't. Chambers is mediocre at best in her role, the leading role, which isn't surprising given she's a porn star at heart and probably wasn't pitch perfect for this role, but look at the bright side; at least she looks beautiful. Sleaze-bags might get a kick out of the film just for her nude scenes, which are thankfully, not entirely gratuitous; but existent only to be "money shots" nonetheless. I'm sure this film is trying to say something. David Cronenberg's films are always saying something. His film "The Brood", another which I just didn't like, was nasty and violent but was ultimately the result of Cronenberg's rage. Instead of making something that we truly cared about - and no offense to anyone who liked "The Brood", as I'm sure there are a few of you that did - he made something so personal, yet so distant, that it almost wasn't worth seeing. "Rabid" is the same way. If you have seen it and you enjoyed it, then that's great; well, for you, at least. This isn't a bad horror movie and it makes for a fairly entertaining thriller, but it lacks the ability to be anything more than it is; decent body-horror with admirable amounts of flesh shown (in more than one sense of the phrase). But derivative movies are derivative, and I can't get in to anything that I feel fits the word's best description; that is, unless it does something wild and creative. I don't feel that this film is creative. But it tries, and that might be enough for part of its audience.

Abram M (fr) wrote: What a movie Mel Gibson really brought a strong performance and you bought him in this role. As sad anger father looking for pace even if it takes him to a dark place. I strongly encourage you to watch this film if your looking for dark, intense thriller and if your just a movie fan in general you'll like this Edge of Darkness.

Felipe M (jp) wrote: I really liked the photography but the script was so bad, some dialogues were really stupid and the main characters felt bad written