A Certain Justice

A Certain Justice


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Gilad S (ag) wrote: Can be done much better

bill s (ru) wrote: The series had some seriously funny moments but dragged over movie length it losses a lot of it's bite.

Brad S (jp) wrote: Some stories are hard to watch, but manage somehow to transcend their negative foundation. But Being Flynn can't seem to break free of its dark, depressing and vitriolic roots. It doesn't elevate the human spirit but simply makes one grateful for not being homeless and grateful that the film eventually ended. De Niro gives a strong performance like so often, but it doesn't serve a better story, so in the end it feels wasted. There's some interesting cinematography and a broad use of poetic verbiage, but these feel like consolation prizes.

Jasson G (nl) wrote: These polls are very very misleading. The majority of users who voted in this poll are probably fans of the movie. If you polled 300 million americans ,35 percent of americans would say they either don't care for the godfather or don't like it or don't have an opinion on it. I think movie critics brainwash people into liking things. I am sorry but no way 98 percent of americans would give it a 3.5 grade or better. Sorry 300 million trumps 728,000 losers (who probably voted muliple times)

Pia K (nl) wrote: Baseballia, komediaa ja romantiikkaa samassa paketissa. Pointsit hyville nyttelijille. ^_^ (Suom. Vamppi ja veteraani).

dan u (us) wrote: Another masterpiece by Polanski!

SouICorruptionaolcom S (fr) wrote: I don't understand the praise that is showered on this film. I just didn't feel that it was compelling in the least. In my opinion the film is just plan lame.The last part of the film nearly put me to sleep. Even what should have been an emotional reunion of mother and son didn't stir a single emotion. The 30+ minute buildup to the aliens showing themselves had already bored me to tears by that point.If the only thing that was "groundbreaking" about this film was that it presented aliens as peaceful beings, well what else do I need to say.For me the only thing that kept the movie from being an "F" were the performances of Richard Dreyfuss and Terri Garr

Kaden C (ag) wrote: What? Did Marvel really make a movie about a group of heroes that almost nobody knows? Yes they did, and it's great. This movie has dazzling special effects and a group of loveable heroes. Especially Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt, who gives off a comedic, 80's vibe. This film is nostalgic for many and I don't honk we'll ever see another Sci-Fi movie like this one. To this day, it still remains one of funniest superhero movies ever, and it well deserved 5 stars.

Cooper H (es) wrote: Sin City has a stylistic appeal that makes it unique, but Frank Miller tries to stay too closely to making it a graphic novel. The film is overloaded with narration and the inner thinking of the characters. Instead of showing us what they feel, they simply tell us which makes it less interesting.

Karsh D (gb) wrote: Two young boys steal a police car which belongs to a bent cop and so put their own lives and others into danger

Shawn W (us) wrote: Three average short stories and one great one featuring Emilio Estevez as JJ Cooney, a teen bent on getting to level 13 of the Bishop of Battle arcade game. Rumours say a guy from Jersey made it there twice. Classic 80's material.