A Change of Seasons

A Change of Seasons

Marriage takes a sour turn when a middle-aged husband falls for a young and sexy woman. Things get even more complicated when his wife starts a hot affair with a young lover of her own.

Marriage takes a sour turn when a middle-aged husband falls for a young and sexy woman. Things get even more complicated when his wife starts a hot affair with a young lover of her own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amelia T (kr) wrote: beautiful in its reflections .. felt like it could be even more subtle. A few moments or expressions that were too direct & explicit - like it was meant for camera than in life. Still, a gorgeous film in its connection .. & Seydoux looks so different, amazing. Also, loophole about why they didn't see that Emma was at fault too .. that ending, dissatisfying.

Cary S (mx) wrote: Complete waste of time. Another movie that was made only for critics to see.

Mark A (ru) wrote: A suicidal depressed over weight teen befriend a drug addict teen and to together they from a punk rock band and save each other. You will grow to like every one in this movie. The cast is great, and the story reminds of what your friends in high school did for you.

Colm M (ag) wrote: Up there with the best of them (Rock Docs). Ginger is seriously nuts. Ginger spills the beans on himself and others. Ginger is a master of his art. Ginger doesn't give a fuck. I have never encountered any other artist who can carry the mantle of genius and embody rock and roll better than Ginger. Its obvious the fame meant nothing to him. This man just wanted to play drums (and polo!!! wha?) . Jay Bulger should be congratulated for making a documentary that is extremely well put together and filled with great, funny and poignant moments. It should also be mentioned that Bulger went as far as to put his physical safety on the line to get the story of the greatest drummer of all time. haha.

Zack F (ca) wrote: Newlyweds may not bring new ideas to the themes of marriage and family, but benefits from a likeable cast that fits perfectly together with witty dialogue and a realistic well paced tone.

Saad N (kr) wrote: No plot, no character motifs except to shoot anyone and everything in sight. Doesn't anyone know the meaning of 'Abandon Ship.'

Jack D (nl) wrote: If Waking Life had brother.

August C (ca) wrote: Trumbo 4 Out of 5 StarsIn the late nineteen forties McCarthyism spread across the US, scores of people were blacklisted from working under the assumption of belief in communism. Dalton Trumbo one of Hollywood(TM)s top paid writers came under such scrutiny for his political views and even went to jail for it. Cranston as Trumbo really knocks it out of the park with an incredibly strong performance along with other highlights from David Elliot as John Wayne and Dean O(TM)Gorman as a young Kirk Douglas. Helen Mirren serves her purpose as the antagonistic gossip columnist Hedda Hopper and Diane Lane is also as solid as Trumbo's supportive wife. The whole film feels like a bitter sweet love note to Hollywood of yesteryear, which is intriguing because its certainly one of the most shameful moments in Hollywood history but its also a time of perseverance and the prevalence of free thought. Eventually Trumbo ends up jailed for a year and then after becomed blacklisted and unable to write for the scree. He devises an idea to keep working and starts writing under a diffrent name. Turmbo begins writing a slew of schlock films to just survive during this time he writes "The Brave One" that wins and Oscar. Rumours eventually spread that Trumbo may be behind the film but the big studio bosses turn a blind eye due to his creative talent and connections allowing Trumbo to eventually win another Oscar for a "little" film called Spartacus.I could nerd out all day about some of the stuff covered in this movie, the history, the trivia and the scandals. I think though, even removing that personal bias from the equation when reviewing this, it's still stands as a solid film that is relevant today in a time of our own political unrest.

Caleb C (kr) wrote: Amazing film. I was able to purchase this film through blockbuster as it was part of the film festival collection they we're promoting some time ago, and then they just sold all these titles for dirt cheap. This was one of the many that was well worth every peny. Anyone that is able to get this film should check it out or just buy it right away if it's cheap like how I got it. The characters flow so well here and are engaging all the way through. Works a lot like Crash, but is a hell of a lot better. I wish I could see more from the cast in this film and I am honoured to say I own this one.

Vaibhav W (br) wrote: If it wasn't for Yu Aoi, then at best it would have been average story about two friends falling for the same guy - amnesia, misunderstanding and everything included. Yu Aoi <3!

ang (br) wrote: claustrofobico. struggente.

Javier F (nl) wrote: A pesar de ser predecible y tener una frmula muy similar a la de 'El indomable Will Hunting', tambin es slida, profunda, inteligente (en cierto modo) y francamente bien actuada.

Tom D (au) wrote: This is a very underrated film. It is about con men and it has some interesting twists and some laughs. James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr and Oliver Platt are all in fine form here.

Barry L (nl) wrote: I have always loved the old war movies and this cheezy outpouring doesnt dissapoint....Chocks away, tally bally Ho!

Jack B (au) wrote: not near as good as the beginning shot at the same time with the same set.

Paul W (es) wrote: Hallucinogenic, experimental, beatnik, gangsta flick from the late 60's. If that sounds like a good foundation for a coherent film, you're probably as stoned as most of the cast obviously were. Alas, it's indecipherable, and 40 years on looking more than a little pretentious.