A Charming Mass Suicide

A Charming Mass Suicide

Two men, who both have tried to commit a suicide, decide to found a "Let's do it together"-suicide association to help the self-destructive people to succeed in their goal. Soon they have a bus load of candidates and together they start a bus tour in order to find a suitable place for the mass suicide.

Two men, who both have tried to commit a suicide, decide to found a "Let's do it together"-suicide association to help the self-destructive people to succeed in their goal. Soon they have a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mandy V (nl) wrote: Turned it off after fifteen minutes.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:I'm surprised that this movie wasn't bigger than it was because it's quite an epic movie with some fairly big names in the cast. I did find the leading character a bit annoying, but Michael Sheen was a joy to watch. The storyline wasn't bad either. Basically it's about young boy whose looking for his kidnapped brother whilst on a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. With the help of Michael Sheen, he ends up working in a hotel which is were all the clues lead, to find his brother and the box. It's not exactly Indianna Jones, but it's a mysterious tale which leads the audience down many different avenues after following the many clues. I think that the director wasted a lot of time on trivial matters in the middle of the movie, but the showdown at the end was half decent and it looked very glossy. Personally I thought that the movie was OK and I'm surprised that it made such a lose at the box office. Average!Round-Up:I think this movie would have been much better if Michael Sheen and Sam Neill had more scenes and if there was an actor with more screen charisma, playing the lead. The director left the storyline open for a sequel, but judging by the lose at the box office, I doubt that we will be seeing one anytime soon, which is a shame because the concept wasn't that bad. All the clues did seem to drop on the main characters lap with ease, but he did have the help of his new found friend, who he falls in love with, and the great Sheen who helped his partner in many sticky situations. In all, I honestly think that people would enjoy this film if they gave it a chance, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.Budget: $25millionWorldwide Gross: $14,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there mysterious, magical movies about a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. 5/10

Mike V (nl) wrote: This movie didn't quite rise to the epic level it was striving for, in my view, and it was a little overlong for my taste. I do appreciate that there were moments when the movie depicted the banality of Nazi evil, as well as the role that French collaborators played in the deportations and repression, in ways that were effective. But somehow it didn't add up to as much as I might have hoped. I think that the classic movie "Army of Shadows" is a much more interesting film about the French resistance than this one was. Still, I didn't hate the movie, and it showed a side of the French resistance involving foreign-born individuals that I had not been aware of.

Andrew W (mx) wrote: Great Movie! i think this is the only English movie i have seen where they aren't (either) poking fun at the fact that they suck, or there is a happy ending....but in the end, they will be fu**ed. Comedy, but not a laugh-a-minute wackyness-fest where everything has a dark-humourous side to everything. more of a dark-humour side to some things, and realistic outlook on everything surrounding the characters.

Ryan A (mx) wrote: The is one good holiday movie.

Andrew D (us) wrote: Underrated - one of my favorite comedies and also one of my favorite Christmas films. What makes it is not necessarily the writing, as it is fairly formulaic, but the performances. Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Amy Smart, Chris Marquette, and Julie Hagarty are hilarious and have great comic timing. So many classic lines, and it introduced me to Rogue Wave.

Paul D (au) wrote: Lame prequel. Not the worst dialogue but not that interesting an idea, certainly not against the first film in this series.

Anna B (ru) wrote: Good, though suffers from the characteristic self-consciousness of Woody's serious films.

Christine R (br) wrote: Interesting story although as bit boring. Acting was good, and very patriotic. Made you understand that all Presidents are not created equally.

Kevin N (jp) wrote: This movie is like Frankenstein's monster, a half-dead thing sewn together with real footage and sequences from another film. It's barely over an hour long, and in reality it doesn't have enough stuff to adequately fill that space. Still, enjoyed for what it is- a strange Universal B-movie about a doctor who turns a gorilla into a beautiful, wild, temperamental mute woman- it really kind of works. The movie had me at John Carradine. He really is an extraordinary actor, and to see him given a role like this and turn it into something wholly of his own creation is a pretty invigorating experience. He is sadistic and suave, and he runs circles around Milburn Stone, who plays the film's leading man. But poor Acquanetta; it appears as though this film basically started and ended her career as an exotic object. One can't help but see an emptiness in her eyes here that must go beyond the role, as if she is looking into a Hollywood that will discard her as soon as it has no more need for captive wild women.

Shawn W (us) wrote: First rate action film with Glover peaking and Gibson playing a cop on the edge that cemented himself for years as an A-list star after the final Mad Max. Tension builds throughout and also features fine character development. Busey is in top form and makes a great heel. His best role along with Under Seige.

Ziv E (au) wrote: One of the best films based on a cartoon next to The Peanuts Movie and the first time the sponge went into the big screen.