A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth

A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth


Four strangers (a verbose romantic, a human lie detector, an expert pickpocket, and a woman with a preternaturally precise sense of time) are brought together by chance when they inadvertently team up to thwart a bank robbery. Recognizing the potential of their combined talents, they decide to form a bank-robbing gang themselves, just for the fun and romance of it. Their heists are played out swiftly and coolly, less like robberies than performance art. Eventually, the foursome's good-natured crime streak is interrupted when a man from one of their pasts creates a whirlwind of extortion and double crossing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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A Cheerful Gang Turns the Earth torrent reviews

James S (kr) wrote: Worst movie ever. Can't believe I wasted that much time watching something so stupid.

Amber P (br) wrote: I thought it was a cute idea, but whenever Paul Rudd is even semi-serious, it makes me cry. Like a really ugly cry that no one wants to see.

Tor M (fr) wrote: We meet two ghost. Two REAL ghosts. You know, people under sheets with cut-out holes. They are really tired of being ghosts so they bring a horse (sometimes a real horse), a wind sock and a wheelchair and goes on a journey to become alive again.To call the directorial debut of Sergio Caballero weird would be an understatement. This is far out. It's experimental. It's unusual. Gladly, it's not hard at all to hang on to. It's easy to enjoy it as well. It's also very beautiful - the foggy, gray and bleak nature and the fantastic cinematagrophy is giving it a haunting look - perfect for ghosts.A blend of high art and low comedy, and a great blend of beauty and weirdness. Thies is very original and very open for your personal interpretation. It's also the only film I have seen where they READ the ending credits. It's lack of entertainment value makes it harder to like, but it's definetly something interesting.7 out of 10 ears.

Richard G (ca) wrote: Rented this because Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are in it. They're in it for about 5 minutes. What they do is fine but it's quite a disappointment non-the-less. The story is OK, and the main supernatural element is alright, though not making total sense (like the spirits that seem attached to the two leads that even 'do it' when the people do) but it's nothing approaching original or memorable.Very middle of the road. Only really worth it at all if you're a total FotC's fan.

Mark M (nl) wrote: Bizzare and cute, Doggy Poo is a real charmer.

Justin W (it) wrote: So clicheMariah,go back to teddy bears, lolloipops and singing what you do best.

Trent W (mx) wrote: Great movie with a bunch of emerging young stars

Leesa M (it) wrote: Love love love. Not their absolute best, but still amazing!

Tim S (kr) wrote: The original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a television film from 1973. While I'm sure the film was effective at the time, particularly to a 70's TV audience who probably didn't see too many horror movies, I didn't find it to be all that frightening. It may be because I'm so desensitized to these kinds of movies that it just didn't work on me. Or it could be because that it's very simple in its scares. I like that there aren't any sort of jumpy moments and instead it's all about a creepy atmosphere. I also liked the ending a lot and the score was very nicely played. It is, of course, a bit dated in look and style, but none of that really matters. I tried to take step back from it and see it through younger and less-informed eyes than my own and I'd say that I could have been frightened by this as a child, but as is, I didn't find it all that terrifying or creepy.

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