A Chicago Street

A Chicago Street

'A view in front of one of the big department stores on State Street'.

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  • Release:1898
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"A view in front of one of the big department stores on State Street". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Chicago Street torrent reviews

Panos Y (de) wrote: 3/10, absolutely dreadful. NO WAY.

Nicole G (it) wrote: Excellent story, edge of your seat writing.....the end left me wanting a little more though.....

Jonathan M (kr) wrote: this movie is freakin awesome

Aaron H (mx) wrote: There are about 5 loose ends they forgot to tie up...

Geoffrey T (de) wrote: I really like this film, but it is certainly flawed. The humanistic dialogue and realism of the first half is overshadowed by a drama-filled, overacted conclusion. And it also suffers from creating numerous amorphous subplots but not developing any. That being said, the characters are interesting, and the writing is subtle and intelligent, even if occasionally forced by near constant overt symbolism. All the acting is great except for a desperate turn by Jack Black. But overall, I appreciated this cynical film. If you watch it though, prepare for a real downer with self-important characters with no redeeming qualities.

Arielis P (ca) wrote: Tusshar never looked so good..........

Samantha S (br) wrote: I lived with a drunk. I don't need to watch it on the screen as well. It's no fun.

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