A Chorus of Disapproval

A Chorus of Disapproval

Guy Jones (Irons) moves to a small British town and joins the local amateur dramatics society as a way to meet people. However he soon finds the drama offstage far outweighs those onstage.

A man new to a smallish British town joins an amateur theatre company. Once there, he discovers that the drama on stage is quite often nothing compared to what's happening behind the scenes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruth T (ag) wrote: Truly horrific that this was allowed to happen. 130,000 children taken. Margaret Humphreys couldn't have been played by anyone else than Emily Watson

Lewis E (es) wrote: This is some twisted shizzle. Hard to rate really. It took me a fair amount of time to gain interest but the plot reveal transformed it into one of the most peculiar viewings ever. 'The Skin I Live in' lacks gore but remains as disturbing and unnerving as most horrors due to its exploration of dark topics such as rape and body reconstruction. While its tepid mood and art-house direction won't appeal to masses, I think everyone who does give it a chance will agree its a unique watch.

Sanal R (mx) wrote: A movie made for the 90's which engulfs a social movement that disintegrates within cheap, cliched and sometimes funny action sequences. Losing your temper is one thing, but biting and scratching cheap street thugs brings down Salman's standards to a whole other level and whats with the screaming in the ears, you cant beat up all of them so you scare a few away by screaming in their ears, this soldier either has rabies or is down with a bad mojo of PTSD

Phillip B (au) wrote: Better than I thought it was going to be. It is the type of movie that you just have fun with.

Shelby L (us) wrote: 4 stars for David Schwimmer for givnig a phenomenal performance and proving to me that he will not come off "Ross-like" in other roles. Half a star for using a Ben Folds song in the soundtrack.

Jose Luis M (jp) wrote: Una historia salida solo de la mente del maestro John Carpenter, de lo mejor de su filmografa.

erika r (ag) wrote: the japanese ben-hur, lol (although much less epic and without jesus to facilitate a miraculous ending).

Chris D (nl) wrote: Excellent movie, Must see on Blu-Ray to appreciate....

Sam B (it) wrote: really quite enjoyed it; but the mutants seemed a bit silly

Nathan A (jp) wrote: After directing countless gritty, violent films, legendary director Martin Scorsese chooses to tackle something completely outside his usual territory. He pulls it off with near-perfection in "Hugo."

Summer M (it) wrote: I hated this movie with all of my being. The movie trailer was so deceiving. It not only made it look better than it actually was, but it was so wrong and disturbing in so many ways. People having affairs and stealing/falling in love with other people. People are chearing on eachother and you're making it look like it's ok, no big deal. We could have done without the porn, thanks. This was the beginning of the concept (deep sarcastic voice) "hey, let's just throw a whole bunch of famous people in one movie with so many different stories thay somehow all connect and it'll be awesome" sort of thing. This started the bismal chain reaction of many others like it suchas: He's Just Not That Into You (which was surprisingly better than this movie) Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve.....By the way, I hate the stereotype that all women love this movie. It was predictable in so many ways, and the way that poor girl's family treated her, basically caling her ugly and fat. There are cardinal rules broken throughout the movie. Some of these couples didn't even make sense. Just, don't waste your time. It was stupid. The only 2 good things was you got to see Rick from Walking Dead not covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, and the girl's voice at the end of the movie. It was a great song, but probably the most played Christmas song of the decade. If I could give negative stars, I so would, this movie sucks! Practically literally thanks to the awkward porn scenes.

Jaime L (ru) wrote: Notable only for the acting by Michael Shannon, the story itself was rather dull for me.