A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve...

An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aysha A (mx) wrote: Funny punjabi film ok film didn't like the music thou

Allen M (us) wrote: "Human Capital" opens on a cyclist being run off the road by a passing car. Backtrack six months and we meet two intertwined Italian families and the unique struggles they face. As the film progresses, tension mounts and the mystery of what happened "that night" intensifies. I personally loved how the retrospective "main" plot line sits on the back burner for the first two chapters and we are instead given an opportunity to meet the various characters and understand their motivations . As the film progresses and the points of views shift, it becomes clear that what we know and what is true are two very different things. When the truth does eventually comes to light, we can understand the full picture and how it affects each character. I'm a big fan of the full picture.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: i love this film i really do its all about barbie hase to try to save millisens fashion house and try to save the flerys powers its a lovley film that you can watch again and again so dont miss out in barbie a fashion fairytale all about style and fashion.Thank You!but i miss Kelly Sherain

Brandon S (nl) wrote: It may be relatively unfeeling, but the screenplay was just wordy and complex enough to hold me. David Cronenberg puts the movie on Robert Pattinson's shoulders, and here's how I know he's secretly a great actor, he handles it perfectly.

Yana I (ag) wrote: A girl is raised by her father in a forest to be a perfect assassin and go on a mission. The description makes the movie sound very promising, like it's a good action filled movie maybe more on a dark side.Well that's where i was wrong when starting this movie.Absolutely all the action that was happening was quite horrible. It was both performed very lousy and in general it was unrealistic.Most importantly, though, i feel like the action and the fighting seemed to be really out of place. Often it looked like some kind of coming of age indie movie, with its cinematography, the dialogues and the scenes during the more calm moments with the family: in the camp and on the road. At those times i wished it was a coming of age indie film because those shots seemed to be the best ones, not the action filled ones.Maybe i have a very subjective view on how action should look like, i don't know, but surely i'm not the only one noticing the plot holes. Because they seemed to be all over the place.To begin with i really don't understand why the base was in Morocco and not in the US, but let's pretend they wanna show us how the US government is everywhere, WHO KNOWS.Why Marissa hired those three barely trained skinheaded thugs if it was the matter of the national security?Why was she the only one so concerned about it?And the thing that still haunts me after i've finished the film: why did it look like Marissa had something very personal going on with Hanna? Up until the end i expected her to say she's her mother or something just as crazy, reveal some big plot twist at the end but i'm left unsatisfied and confused.Cate Blanchett's acting was as usual amazing, and her character really did look in pain near the end everytime she looked at Hanna, like she wanted to say her something, like she was some kind of her long lost daughter she was oh so relieved to finally find, i don't know. I feel like a part of the movie was cut out and no one told me anything.One more thing besides the slower scenes and Blanchett's acting that made the movie not as ridiculous as it could be was the soundtrack. Amazing tracks by the Chemical Brothers that didn't deserve the scenes they were placed on.Underwhelming and dissapointing.

Chris M (us) wrote: "Volver" es una pelicula muy dramtica. Me gust la msica, pero no mucho ms. Penelop Cruz es la actriz ms importante de la pelicula "Volver". Ella es la actriz principal de "Volver" y ella era genial. Tambien, en mi opinion, ella es muy bonita. En la pelicula, "Volver", Penelop Cruz es Raimunda. Por lo general, Raimunda es una mujer increiblamente fuerte. Por ejemplo, Raimunda vive con Paula y tiene amor para la nia aunque la nia es un producto de la violacin que Raimunda vivi en su juventud de su padre. Por esa razn solamente, creo que Raimunda es un hero de "Volver". Por supuesto, Irene, la madre de Raimunda y Sole (y abuela de Paula, la nia) son muy importante tambien. Para resumir, "Volver" es una pelicula interesante pero fue muy asustadizo. En al final, Irene y Raimunda resuelven un conflicto y por todo el mundo est feliz. En sumacin, en "Volver" hay un asesinato, hay mucha drama, y hay resoluciones. Ser fuerte es la tema principal. Pero, yo no lo vera de nuevo.


chuck i (jp) wrote: Movies set in the deep South and which deal with the angst of life in the deep South always seem to have a certain flavor, however unintentional or not. 'Red Dirt' is certainly no exception. Griffith has lived his entire life in small-town Mississippi and it shows. He is at once trapped in the oddly-named Pine Apple, MS and yet seemingly powerless to leave. Part of the 'trap' keeping him is his aunt -- whom we later learn has a skeleton in her genetic closet -- and his cousin, with whom he finds release of the sexual variety. Griffith finds comfort -- and possible escape? -- in the form of Lee, a footloose man who happens by, finds cheap rent in exchange for handyman work, and finds more than mere freindship with Griffith, to the dismay of cousin Emily, who gradually comes to suspect -- and dislike -- the budding friendship. The movie and characters may not haunt you for days after seeing this, but the 'feel' of the movie will linger and you will keep second-guessing yourself about having missed the clues that Griffith and Lee were growing, well, close. Not to worry: those clues weren't there. The movie lacks an entire section (Act III?) which should have showed the depth of Griffith's growing affection for Lee, although we sense Lee's attraction to Griffith from the get-go. All-in-all, this is a nice film despite its weaknesses . . . but then, I say that about all movies set in the deep South.

Jake C (ru) wrote: Ha-WOW! I love it! :)

Ashley w (ca) wrote: I dont know why but this is one of my favorite movies of all time, if not my favorite.

Jacob G (it) wrote: A difficult to watch, multilayered drama set in a world of its own. The way the characters are portrayed and the way their stories are laid out is done in such a way where it's easy to track the lives of these seemingly real/desperate people. The best thing about it is probably the performances, most notably Jennifer Jason Leigh, who takes on an astounding persona.

Ben H (gb) wrote: This was a better than average apocalypse flick that starts out great, then slowly descending into a no-brainer.But still, a promising debut from the Paz brothers that deserved a better remake...say, from JJ Abrams?

Janne S (jp) wrote: What an absolutely hilariously bad film this is! Wooden acting. Boom mic clearly visible so many times that even I lost the count.