A Chump at Oxford

A Chump at Oxford

The boys get jobs as a butler and maid (Stan in drag) for a dinner party. When that ends in disaster, they resort to sweeping streets and accidentally capture a bank robber. The thankful bank president sends them to Oxford to get an education. Predictable results ensue.

As a reward for capturing a bank robber, Stan and Ollie get scholarship to Oxford, but are met with resentment by other students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gayle M (fr) wrote: I liked the first and third stories in this film, but overall I thought it was too long and that the doc should have focused on one story - Part one - Mohammed. Longley says he spent hours trying to become part of the fabric of the city so that no one noticed his camera, but this is where I think it falls down. I don't think they ever forgot. There are frustrating gaps in what the film covers, also because it trys to do too much.

Alono H (fr) wrote: Depressing and somber, but interesting nonetheless. It's worth a watch.

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Robin A (de) wrote: Although the film is not a masterpiece in any way it does have good qualities. One is that it portrays recently made history and makes it interesting. Provided me with a lot of new insights. Geek-vibes, but that's not really a problem for me. Maybe a little to black and white in depicting Gates/Jobs.

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