A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

The egocentric documentary-maker Chris Waitt traces his romantic ineptitude and sexual impotence through awkward interviews with irate ex-girlfriends and stunts involving S&M parlours, Harley Street doctors and Viagra overdoses. The results are often hilarious, sometimes moving and speak directly to the hapless paramour in all of us.

A humorous look at life for a loser in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (jp) wrote: its hard to watch this as a filmmaker as you see all the seams. a doc thats based off a fake story thats shot as a sudo found footage that involves perfect audio starring real people with fake backstories. i guess if it was laid out more as a movie and less as "real" it would have been less confusing to me as half the time i was struggling with "is this real, wait no, wait, dammit" - which made it a pain to watch.

Tosaka T (ru) wrote: I just, I(TM)m gon(TM) let you know right now, Jackie Chan does not do much fighting in this film. In fact his character isn(TM)t a fighter, he(TM)s a cook. Okay now if that hasn(TM)t turned you away yet, Shaolin is a remake of the 1982 film The Shaolin Temple (Jet Li(TM)s debut film). This film is based in the warlord era in the early front of the Republic of China. Andy Lau plays a warlord named Hou Jie. The film opens up with Hou Jie(TM)s army hunting down another warlord named Hou Long (don(TM)t worry, names will not get confusing) and finds him hiding away in a Shaolin Temple being treated by the monks. Without mercy or decency Hou Jie kills Hou Long in front of his army and the monks and then disgraces the temple(TM)s sign as he leaves.Feeling that his sworn brother is using him, Hou Jie plots against him and plans to kill him at a dinner. However, Hou Jie(TM)s deputy Cao Man (played by Nicholas Tse) is plotting against Hou Jie because Cao felt like Hou was using him and he no longer believed in Hou Jie(TM)s leadership. After an ambush by Cao Man, Hou Jie(TM)s daughter is seriously injured and is on the brink of dying. After running to the monks for help his daughter dies. He quickly curses the monks and swears to kill them all but he cannot fight them off. Meanwhile his wife is sick of him and all he(TM)s become and runs off and the monks kick Hou Jie out of the temple. As fate should have it, Hou Jie falls into a trap meant for a pig and a monk named Wudao (played by Jackie Chan) finds him and takes him in. Hou Jie then decides to become a monk and atone for his sins. As luck should have it, Cao Man hears that Hou Jie is still alive and hunts him down only to discover he has become the very person he wants dead. We(TM)ve all seen this before; It(TM)s really cliche. Guy is bad, guy pisses off monks, guy is betrayed, guy goes to monks for help, lesson learned through hard work and punching wood. And even though it(TM)s cliche, it(TM)s so well done. The whole time I was watching this film I was thinking about two things, Where is Jackie Chan?? and Please tell me these people didn(TM)t harm any animals in the making of this movie.? A lot of horses are tripped and some fall down stairs.It(TM)s good, for those that follow Asian films for the action this one(TM)s decent. It(TM)s not jam-packed of action but what(TM)s there doesn(TM)t disappoint. (Unless you(TM)re hoping to watch Jackie Chan fight, don(TM)t hold your breath) :(I didn(TM)t think Nicholas Tse could put on a good show but then again I(TM)ve only seen him in one other movie. Andy Lau is 50 years old, I want to look that young when I(TM)m 50. The funniest thing I saw was that the cast list was SO LONG! (that(TM)s what she said!) I think they named off all the monks in the movie, and that(TM)s a lot of monks! Movie Grade: B

Rangan R (jp) wrote: A hope of flight to begin life again in the sorrow.Sometimes we wanted to like the movie, because it was inspiring, family friendly, great cast, performances and so on, but something stops you. Not because of hatred, but the other end of the dislike, i.e., too much tenderness and packed with full of cliches. This Aussie film was one those, a very good concept and I would definitely recommend it, especially for children and families, but seemed everything was plain with no surprises.Partially based on the real events. A young boy named Dylan who lives in Perth, the Western Australia with his dad discovers his skills on the paper plane making and launching. Soon begins to focus it on the professional level by aiming for the junior level competition to represent his country in the upcoming world championship held in Tokyo. How far this unexpected success would take him and how it would help to fix his grieving family is the entire story.Right from the beginning you would know all those going to happen in the length x breadth of the movie. So the spoilers and synopsis won't hurt much if you are yet to watch it. Even the characters planned like that way. For example the boy's friendship with a hawk was not coincidental for this particular movie theme and also his grandpa was a world war 2 pilot. I already lost my interest at that point, but I was unable to dislike this little cute and rare film. I carried on because the boy's courage and passion for the paper planes was not just for his ownness, but everyone around him that gives a change to change."Okay. Here's my advice.Study everything that flies. (Snaps fingers)"There are plenty of mini sub-plots. Anti-bullying was one of the best things and the three different kinds of friendships; a boy from the neighborhood, a girl from the competition and with a bird. The father was kind of depressing and a bad example, but had a good reason for that. That boy's every action was directed to his father to make him look back. Well, the father was Sam Worthington, whose role was insignificant compared to his star value. It influenced to raise the movie value, especially the marketing which makes people come and watch it, but overall he was decent.Okay, fine, to this point all I said about, but missing realism was unable to accept. I'm talking about the flights of the paper planes. It's not like 50 years ago, today we got the very best CGI at production level, that mean you can't omit the actuality and go for the extravaganza. That would work well for commercial films, and this was not one of those. It was suppose to encourage the kids and it did in a way, I appreciate that. Not the best children or Aussie flick that I saw in this mansoon. Eventhough I had a mixing feeling on this, I quite enjoyed watching it and I hope your opinion would differ to what I said in this review.6/10

Kenny V (nl) wrote: Brilliant documentary on my favorite Beatle. Interesting to see McCartney white wash the conflicts in the group.

death w (jp) wrote: a very sweet movie. It was pretty entertaining.

Liy D (kr) wrote: Geez these movies just keep getting worse. From the stock film, noob graphics, piss poor acting by probably gay guy and ugly face, and overall horrible storyline this movie is only good for making fun of. Preferably while drinking.Actual line from the move: "Let's go back home and I'll eat your pussy." Cut to sex scene.Classy. You might be thinking it's out of context and let me just tell you, there is no context.

Simon D (au) wrote: extremely well directed film. The story was pretty strong but a little slow in places and I don't think that they really delved into the main character enough. Still, a very good film.

Gavin M (us) wrote: At a running time of 2 hours and 15 minutes this literally felt like a four hour movie.

Janet M (br) wrote: The trailer makes it look good. But looks a lil like a f&f rip off. Guess we'll see.

Stanley C (us) wrote: There was no effort into making this a very interesting piece of art. This is just about aliens (antagonists) attacking humans on Earth, no complications on it whatsoever.

Jackie (nl) wrote: Movie is funny. Its good to see William Forsythe in a roll like this.

John C (us) wrote: underrated & underdeveloped, Roger Avery's debut is shaky, but still conveys a decent amount of thrilling drama in its favor.

Ian F (us) wrote: The only film that has never bored me, wish others would see it for the genius that it is

Heather M (au) wrote: There is no way that I am watching this one.

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: Another 80s cheeseball in which two attractive people from different backgrounds fall in love and have sex and dance. They must show their enemies (a.k.a. stubborn and often ignorant rich douche) that their love is real, and overcome the social status. It's the recycled plot we've seen in countless love stories, but if you are still not tired of this routine even after seeing it in hundreds of similar movies, then you will most likely have a good time watching Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze is a good dancer, and Jennifer Grey makes an appealing heroine, but unfortunately they are surrounded by the pile of cliches and one-dimensional characters, for which they can do nothing about. It doesn't add anything new to the genre, nor trying to pull smart moves. And god, the dialogue in this film is just so corny and I just can't stand it. Dirty Dancing is the definition of an overrated classic.

Charlie G (it) wrote: Fish that got away. Whale story of a hunt that meets it's match.

Chance B (nl) wrote: What can I say? I have a soft spot for 1992's Newsies. Christian Bale really shines in this early role as Jack Kelly. The score isn't too shabby either. This film really doesn't deserve the hate it gets. 5/5.