A Countess from Hong Kong

A Countess from Hong Kong

A Russian countess stows away in the stateroom of a married U.S. diplomat bound for New York.

On his voyage around the world, ambassador-designate Ogden Mears meets Natascha, a refugee countess who asks to stay in his cabin. The two soon fall in love with each other but he cannot marry her because of his married state and his social status. The film follows Ogden's choice between love and fame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto M (kr) wrote: Interesting documentary. I will admit, I do highly consider myself a proud, hardworking member of "the 99%", and I have attended Occupy rallies, but being a dues paying member of a REAL organized Union, I have questioned who was truly in control of this movement. Now, before anyone calls me a "Right-Wing" conservation, or a fucking Republican, I will say the message is right, and the feelings from the crowd is as true as it gets. Anyone with a brain knows that the GOP created "the Tea Party", and I will never rule out if the Democrats created "the Occupy Movement", but I truly think the poor of both factions are as real as it gets. As the documentary goes on, it is obvious some conservative faction put this together, but there is a lesson learned here for a free-thinker. I've personally reached out to Occupy Chicago, to support my unions cause, and when I seen that whomever runs their movement gave me deaf ears, I questioned whether they really are for "the people", or for complete anarcy.

Riccardo R (it) wrote: A me piacciono sempre i loop temporali, anche se a sfondo Natalizio :)

Mlissa A (it) wrote: Bon petit gag sur le the sinon sans plus...

Frederick M (nl) wrote: This isn't a bad Canadian film. The acting is weak at times, especially from the actors who play the parents. The movie is about a 13 year old kid who's precocious and home-schooled by his hippie parents. It has the vibe of those uniquely Canadian films. Not bad for a rental, and the CBC soft-left types will certainly be familiar with the cast of characters.

Freya F (mx) wrote: baerly remember it but good

Ruben A (mx) wrote: watched a review on youtube. its not exactly a horror, more a drama. the killings are coincidental mostly.

Mark W (fr) wrote: I really have a soft spot for these movies... I mean it's only a 50% rating on my part, but I was thoroughly entertained when watching this movie; but it just fell short of it's predecessors! Children of the Corn has gradually been open to more gore and this film proved that, but it did also drop a few comedy bits in too... If you like horror movies and have watched all of the classics this seems to be a perfect next step franchise.

Melissa T (fr) wrote: Don't waste your time

Private U (ca) wrote: hilariously awful, but awful nonetheless.

Randy T (nl) wrote: Its Oliver and Stan in the French Foreign Legion. Good clean fun.

Larry C (ca) wrote: This is s dumb movie