À coup sûr

À coup sûr

Emma thinks she's inadequate sexually and she decides to improve her skills.

Raised to believe in performance and in the idea that all abilities must be optimized, Emma is a young, methodical woman who appears determined and relatively sure of herself. But two consecutive failures (real or imagined) lead her to believe that she has a real problem: she is useless in bed. Because she is more fragile than she appears, Emma hence decides to become... the best lay in Paris! She then sets out on a formidable plan of action (theory, practical, validation of acquired knowledge), which soon provokes a series of misunderstandings and disasters within her immediate vicinity. For one thing, her method doesn't turn out to be really adapted to her field of investigation. And Emma has probably also forgotten a little detail: love doesn't obey any plan. In this absurd and nutty quest, Emma will learn to let go, to lose control, and, to finally win her freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro C (ag) wrote: Muy, muy tipica y predecible, pero tiene varios puntos que hacen que te rias, y eso se agradece mucho

Jonas d (it) wrote: The horror is "purposely" bad; the humor can be somewhat good when present, but in no way actually noteworthy; the main plot is just plain silly.I guess the movie's main attraction is to be an exercise in post-modern pretentiousness; which I'd gladly skip.

Jade P (jp) wrote: odd...and creepy.....makes you think....i mean one point the a guy mentioned that if the ppl of Islam stopped fighting the world would be a peaceful place which is biased...sure other religions have a horrific upbringing as well...just depends on how others want to follow them...

Adam H (kr) wrote: One of my ultimate favourites. Incredibly original, slick and rewarding.

Adam R (jp) wrote: A lustful movie about a priest and rabbi caught in a love triangle with a girl. It's about as bad as it sounds and is too long. (First and only viewing - 12/4/2014)

Wahida K (it) wrote: The hunter became the hunted.

Alonso A (jp) wrote: Satoshi Kon submerges the viewer in the dream world of Paprika through its visually stunning and colourful animation, portraying a surreal picture of the human psyche that is constantly thrilling and a wonder to be immersed in; even if the main narrative functions mainly just as a pretext to get there.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: 96%If your mind can take it, make a day of it and watch with CATCH 22.

Lotti K (jp) wrote: A noir classic. I may never get Rita Hayworth's "Put The Blame On Mame" out of my head, and that's okay.

Chris B (au) wrote: not aged well. but I guess it is knocking on a bit.

Regi H (it) wrote: Martin Campbell brought us Casino Royal about 10 years after this movie. Did he like tortured or something over that period of time? This Bond is pure fun. Its got the one liners, its got crazy over the top action sequences, and its got one of the most funniest villain deaths in film history! Pierce Brosnan's bond brought charm to the table not much more, I really think its the direction that made the movie great, considering Pierce lost all of his charm in the next 3 snooze fests.

Daniel L (it) wrote: This is just not a very good movie. It kind of has a story but I barely knew what was going on. The fighting was fine I guess but don't waste your time.1.5/5 = Poor, A Few Good Parts

Steve G (us) wrote: The least epic "epic" movie ever made. Music this great deserves a better film. A disappointment of considerable proportions.Strewn throughout, there are scenes that are good (especially with James Woods). But the overall story is nothing.

Stephen B (jp) wrote: this was a funny film and a bit silly but was OK