A Damsel in Distress

A Damsel in Distress

Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr. X." After Alyce goes to London to meet a beau (bumping into dancer Jerry Halliday, instead), she is restricted to the castle to curb her scandalous behavior. Albert then summons Jerry to Alyce's aid in order to "protect his investment."

Lady Alyce Marshmorton must marry soon, and the staff of Tottney Castle have laid bets on who she'll choose, with young Albert wagering on "Mr. X." After Alyce goes to London to meet a beau... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony C (it) wrote: A unique & enthralling Aussie flick! But it'll end up like all the rest, unappealing with a limited market.

Lee R (ag) wrote: How the fuck is this based on a true story? What a story that nobody could report because everyone was killed by a ghost girl? And I don't even care that I have spoiled the ending. Trust me you will thank me for saving you the effort!!

Michael F (it) wrote: I was able to view the English dubbing online, so I caught this sequel. I haven't had a chance to rewatch the first Death Note live action movie recently, but I'm glad the beginning of this film caught me up to speed. I was impressed that the voice acting is on par even with the original anime series voices. The mysterious and suspenseful plot make for an excellent theme combination. I am glad they made this movie bunch simpler than the anime series as well.

Sanjay K (mx) wrote: Movie is okay. Paresh was funny as a lawyer.

Hope K (ru) wrote: Hilarous! Chris Rock is GREAT!!

Ranvis F (jp) wrote: I haven't seen a great gangster film from Hong Kong since the mid-late 90s. This one certainly brings back memories of the good ol' days. Interesting and thrilling plots with characters with their unique personalities, and at the end, a bomb explodes within the minds of the audiences.

Kenneth L (de) wrote: There's really nothing wrong with this adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel, but as a movie it isn't really outstanding, either. It is a very good, touching story about people who are all manners and properness on the outside, and varying degrees of desperation on the inside. Vanessa Redgrave is definitely the star here, and she is excellent as Mrs. Dalloway; the contrast between her anxious voice-over narration and her calm appearance is really effective. Rupert Graves is good, if overdoing it a bit, as a disturbed World War I veteran. Marleen Gorris's direction is mostly unobtrusive, although she does do interesting things with the camera a couple of times. The technical aspects are all competent without being exceptional. Ultimately, the film derives its strength from Woolf's themes, with the characters' regret at what they have settled for and their wondering about what their lives might have been. I would actually recommend watching Stephen Daldry's "The Hours" first, which was based on a contemporary novel both inspired by and about Woolf's work. A lot of specific occurrences and themes are shared between "The Hours" and "Mrs. Dalloway," but "The Hours" is better as a movie. If you do really like "The Hours," however, then you would do well to see this movie version of its source material.

David G (ca) wrote: These guys at Mystery Science Theater 3000 sure know what they're doing! The jokes kept me laughing, the voices were great, but the only problem was that the movie that they faced sure was a stinker, but no Manos. Not exactly the one to rule mankind with, but watchable and certified riffable!Verdict: This is a real hamdinger of a movie, so get it on DVD.

James A (kr) wrote: After all these years I still liked it.

Scott K (mx) wrote: Predicted the news media that we deal with today. Uncanny. Outstanding performances by several cast members...most notably Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway.

Danny M (ca) wrote: Great film. Seen in cinema years ago. Gassed pass action, tom hanks is so good aswell.

Bruce20 W (ru) wrote: This movie is low on plot, but heavy on battle. Some of it is intense, but most is very silly.