A Dandy in Aspic

A Dandy in Aspic

Double-agent Alexander Eberlin is assigned by the British to hunt out a Russian spy, known to them as Krasnevin. Only Eberlin knows that Krasnevin is none other than himself! Accompanying him on his mission is a ruthless partner, who gradually discovers his secret as Eberlin tries to maneuver himself out of a desperate situation.

Double-agent Alexander Eberlin is assigned by the British to hunt out a Russian spy, known to them as Krasnevin. Only Eberlin knows that Krasnevin is none other than himself! Accompanying ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mete D (ca) wrote: I had a good time watching this. Nice music, plain, straight storyline (the kind i like), good fights. Good enough for me.

Elia D (ag) wrote: I know next to nothing about Canadian politics, bu this film was pretty scary anyway. Paul Gross is amazing in pretty much any role, but it's weird to see him as a creepy bad guy. I can't wait to see the sequel to this!

Ben S (jp) wrote: Amazing. Made me laugh, made me cry (more so the latter)

Steve J (ca) wrote: Dustin Hoffman at his best!

Sagar S (mx) wrote: the film is a real 'off-the-mill' kind. The direction seems way ahead of its times.The story is strong & so are the dialogues and songs.Each actor holds his own.Mohammad Rafi is incredible as Vijay's 'voice'.The film however ends on a happy note,which seems a bit surprising,given the mood of the film.Surely one of India's very best &deserving of its status

Cooper H (ca) wrote: Following three escaped convicts and their journey for treasure takes them on an interesting path to kidnapping, the KKK, and becoming famous singers. It has it's fun moments but not very captivating.

Tom j (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed it, had flaws but really enjoyed it also natalie portman is gorgeous

Rangan R (ru) wrote: A comedy about to pull off the first ever Golden Tux.In any movie if you see a sidekick rule, that has to be the Kevin Hart. He can handle the whole movie by himself and this film is a great example. It totally surprised me, I expected it to be an average film, but it was an awesome comedy. We have seen plenty of bride and groom and marriage related comedies, but this was a slightly different yet a fantastic treat.I don't think it was wonderful because of the jokes alone, but unique characters and actors who performed them were brought the fine outcome. I felt like I know what's coming, but the ending was simple and smart. Like always when I like a movie a lot I hope for a sequel to come and they should make one for this as well.It's a Kevin Hart's time as a comedian, his top box office films are all from the recent time, so he must make use of it and I am expecting his upcoming projects. This is a perfect weekend movie to have some laughs. Middle finger to the film critics. I definitely recommended it not only for the film fanatics but all. Who knows you might find it much better than the recent 'Get Hard'.7 1/2/10

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:This movie definitely has a unique but weird storyline with some brilliant performances from the cast, especially Emma Thompson and Ray Winstone. It's hard to explain the plot without spoiling it for the people who haven't watched it but I will give it a go! The story takes place in Glasgow and it's about a barber called Barney (Robert Carlyle), who has very little people skills and finds it hard to chat to the customers who come to the shop for there haircut. After a while, the shop owner decides to employ a fresh new barber who is willing to interact with the customers, so he eventually sacks Barney who takes the news quite badly because he hasn't got any other forms of pleasure in his life. Whilst pleading to stay employed with the shop owner, a random accident happens which changes Barney's life forever. He runs to his mum, Cemolina (Emma Thompson), for help, only to find that she also has many skeletons in her closet as well. Whilst under investigation from the hot headed cop Holdall (Ray Winstone), he tries to cover his tracks from the fatal accident that happened with his boss but his work colleague works out what Barney has been up to, so they also have an heated argument which leads to another fatal accident. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Barney disposes the bodies with the cops hot on his tale but they soon work out who is the true culprit of the murders in the area, which leads to a showdown that really isn't what was expected! If you take this movie seriously, you really won't enjoy it because the far fetched storyline really does go a bit over the top in places. Although Barney had a motif for the first murder, he should have just gone to the police because it was an honest mistake, which they would have worked out with forensics. With that aside, Ray Winstone just plays his usual cockney self but he does show some true emotion in parts of the film. Emma Thompson's transformation was excellent and her accent was spot on, along with her mannerisms and "hard woman/mother" demeanor which is far from the everyday Emma Thompson that we have seen in real life. The storyline was a bit sketchy in places but this extremely dark comedy was well put together well by Robert Carlyle. The showdown at the end was a bit ridiculous and I personally thought that it spoilt the movie but it's still worth a watch, just for its originality and great performances. You might need to watch it with subtitles because Carlyle and Thompson's accents are really strong. Watchable!Round-Up:Since his big break in Trainspotting and the highly acclaimed Full Monty, Robert Carlyle, 54, has been in and out of the spotlight with movies like Angela's Ashes, The World Is Not Enough, Plunkett & Maclean, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble, the Beach, the 51st State with Samuel L. Jackson, Eragon and 28 Weeks Later. You can tell that he's not really into the whole Holywood glamour scene, so he seems to keep himself low key, even when he's starring in a Bond movie or big movies like the Beach with DiCaprio. This is the first major release with Carlyle in the directors chair, so I have to rate him for getting the most out of a top cast. The stupidity of Barney actions is questionable throughout the film but it's still a decent watch.I recommend this movie to people who are into their crime/comedies starring Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, Ray Winstone and Tom Courtenay. 5/10