A Dangerous Place

A Dangerous Place

An innocent woman, Claire Scully is drawn into a terrorist plot to kill people through the mail using a deadly strain of TB.

An innocent woman, Claire Scully is drawn into a terrorist plot to kill people through the mail using a deadly strain of TB. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (gb) wrote: Yes Man isn't funny nor original, the plot is very predictable and suffers from apathetic performances by Zooey Deschanel, however it's undeniable that the director Peyton Reed did a clever game with the soundtrack that with the help of the Jim Carrey postures make us feel interested about the story.

Luke S (it) wrote: This movie was one of those cases where it's so bad it's good! In the opening five minutes I wasn't sure if this was going to end up being a horror film or a porn flick, that's how it seemed to be filmed! I would have settled for a bit of both . . . heh heh. Anyways, the story revolves around a couple, Josh & Amy Barnes, who are university eggheads. For Josh's birthday Amy arranges for them to go off-road racing through the Mexican desert. However, little do they know of a ghost story from 1590, when a Mexican general sent his army to find El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold! Said army never came back from that expedition. Back to the present, a professor joining Josh, Amy and the others on this trip has his own personal agenda while in the desert and banks on finding El Dorado, thus claiming the treasure for himself. He sneaks off and although he finds the treasure, he also discovers a nasty little surprise that puts everybody on the trip in mortal danger! I really liked this movie because it was fast paced, it was a little different in terms of the camera work, and it was just plain fun (and funny!). Plus there were a couple of really hot chicks in it as well. The effects were pretty funny, especially when people spouted blood! This is one of those horror movies that you don't take too seriously and just have fun with. I'd recommend it to any horror fan!

bill s (fr) wrote: Fun romp right up till the end which is it's only glaring problem.

John R (ca) wrote: 131208: About three bad costumes but otherwise a decent western. Raymond Massey, as Will Marlow, is the highlight for me...neat holster and guns but bad costume.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Excellent, and interesting, attempt at film making. Much better if you're familiar with the films (& cast) that were plagiarized. I had seen Johnny Eager a few days before seeing this flick, so those moments were among the funniest for me. Hint: watch the ending credits. Disclaimer: no banjos or rubber chickens were harmed in the making of this film.

Big daddy K (nl) wrote: good at some scenes but great at investigating guessing who the killer was :)

Jake A (gb) wrote: After the likable but the flawed Generations film this is the first Star Trek film featuring none of the original cast and carries the tradition of giving one of the cast members a chance at directing in the form of Jonathan Frakes who plays Riker and this is easily the best film from the New Generation. Featuring a menacing force in the form of the Borg adds a great deal of threat and tension to the whole plot with the first act having a riveting series of action scenes and a fast paced feel. The additional cast to the recurring cast members are solid, it looks great, love the score and the script works with its themes of humanity and knowing when to accept defeat.

(ag) wrote: "Greedy is a great title for this film considering all the crazy money hungry characters that are in this flick. I remember seeing this a long time ago. I couldn't remember what it was all about, so I decided to give it another look. It's funny, silly, cheesy, and at times, acted poorly. Kirk and Fox are the stars of the show. They are great together on screen. Uncle Joe strategically puts his family members against each other to see how far they will go to try and win him over for his milions. There is always some kind of scheme going on whether it's coming from Uncle Joe or his crazy nieces and nephews. It was a fun watch. I wouldn't mind seeing it again later on down the road."

Jon P (au) wrote: Irresistibly charming and endless evocative, Bob Fosse's Berlin-based musical is a modern classic in its own right. The film strikes a masterful balance between in-your-face frivolity and sensual subtlety, but it's power lies in the looming sense of despair that hangs over its tragi-comic characters.Liza Minnelli is marmite in the movie world, and admittedly an irritating screen presence, but that's precisely what makes her so perfect to play Sally Bowles. Minelli's squeaky sexuality and Michael York's crippling conservatism culminate in a hot and cold double act to die for; one that always leaves us wanting more.The plot is an amalgamation of Broadway musicals, novels and plays, but Fosse makes the movie his own through sharp edits and anti-theatrical stylistics. Visually, narratively and symbolically speaking, Cabaret is cinematic gold: a tinderbox of enduring images and endearing characters.