A Dangerous Profession

A Dangerous Profession

A cop-turned-bail bondsman gets involved in a murder investigation.

Ex-policeman Vince Kane is a partner with Joe Farley as bail bond brokers, but retains his ties and friendship with the police and Detective Nick Ferrone. Ferrone picks up Claude Brackette,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (jp) wrote: Encore un film franais qui rve d'Amrique, et plus particulirement des comdies la Judd Appatow, dont il tente, certes maladroitement, de retrouver l'alchimie : des mecs du show-bizz, un trip initiatique, des embrouilles de trentenaires pas tout fait sortis de l'adolescence, des crises et des remises en question avant un grand final qui clbre les valeurs de l'amiti retrouve...avouez qu' peu de choses prs, on s'y croirait ! "Radiostars" dbute pourtant de faon tellement bancale qu'on se mets redouter d'avoir subir des vannes de chauffeur de salle durant une heure trente. Heureusement, l'accumulation de situations dcales (mention spciale au gangsta qui rve de chansons tendres) et l'alchimie qui rgne entre les acteurs viennent rectifier cette piteuse impression de dpart. Les multiples maladresses et baisses de rgime de "Radiostars" laissent l'impression d'un film de potes, libre et sans contraintes ; son droulement tlphon et le ct hyper lisse des msaventures de cette bande d'animateurs-radio parisiens exils dans la France profonde plaident en faveur du contraire. L'un dans l'autre, a s'quilibre.

Florence (au) wrote: Signe, uma aluna brilhante e tmida de 15 anos, se transforma com a chegada de uma nova aluna na escola, cujo ambiente dominado pela guerra entre meninos e meninas. Filme jovem baseado no best-seller de Christina Herrstrm.

Sheila B (nl) wrote: Other than the music sometimes jarring, and maybe that was the intent, and the sparse dialogue occasionally unintelligble, this is an excellent film. It won the SXSW Film Fest for cinematography...it takes me to and immerses me in its setting and the main charcter's traverse. Yes there is some blatancy in the gray, but it is realistic and acceptable. I felt the solitude, the cold, the wet, the absence of the usual, and the distance between people that is not always familar, at least not externally. The characters offer silent, non invasive support for the most part. The story is told thru images more than dialogue, which can be uncomfortable for some movie-goers. It is more like a poem than a full blown narrative, so the viewer feels the characters more than knows their stories, though we conjecture and assume. What little is revealed hasn't enough detail to allow the certainty the mind longs for. The most beautiful thing is that there is little asking; even the main character's business associate, who probably knew him best in his prior life and exactly what he went through, is reduced to respectful distance. The old mariner's story is the clearest, but each other person, each interraction is rich with understatment. Most of the excellent acting is achieved without words, a dance between faces, scenery, seasons and viewer. Story is one anyone who has ever known any real loss or failure, no matter the cause or outcome, can identify with. I thought filmmaker painted the universal themes of loss, grief, guilt, solitude, despair, and gradual redemption with delicate deep and meanigful strokes.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: This would have been more enjoyable had I never seen "spider", Edgerton's short film. I knew what to expect from the ending, but it still remains a very competent modern noir.

Anthony B (ru) wrote: surprised I know so much about this and have never seen it.

Rift S (br) wrote: Freddy's awful and the cast is only decent, but the reason I give it 2 and a half stars is because the Debby nightmare scene is amazing and the effects are superb.

Mitchell B (br) wrote: Awful movie the father and son duo just can't seem to act no matter what movie they are in. Awful writing as well

Stella D (us) wrote: the risque lubitsch comedy was originally a controversial noel coward play about a bohemian menage a trois. fearing that film audiences weren't as sophisticated as those of the theater, the studio hired ben hecht to gut the script and very few of coward's witty lines survived. while this is a crying shame, lubitsch still manages to work a little magic with alot of help from the ever charming miriam hopkins, a free-spirit who can't choose between two friends in love with her. soon they all agree to a rather unconventional living arrangement. the male leads are an impossibly handsome gary cooper, showing some comedy skills that got little use later in his career, and frederic march, who's even funnier imo. definitely worth a watch for the stars and unusual subject matter. it's clever but one can't help wondering what might have been

Isaiah H (ag) wrote: Rare, original, smart, unforgettable, and terrifying...