A Day of Fury

A Day of Fury

A Day Of Fury stars Jock Mahoney as town marshal Alan Burnett, whose life is saved by a stranger he meets on the trail. His rescuer turns out to be Jagade (Dale Robertson), a gunslinger just returned after years away, who finds when he gets into town that he can't abide the peace that has been settled between "his" people (i.e. the saloon-keepers, gamblers, etc.) and the righteous, "respectable" folk.

While on a manhunt the Marshal is saved by a passing gunslinger named Jagade. It is a time when law is coming to the west and when the gunslinger shows up in the Marshals' town the Marshal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (it) wrote: It has a better quality than most films of this nature and budget, but the story is still stupid. It's hardly convincing and is only moderately suspenseful. The special effects are decent though.

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James M (ca) wrote: A film where only small sections of it contain dialogue but what props this dreamlike piece of film up is the breathtaking long shots and stunning cinematography. The film sets you up to then fall into a trance which is expertly done to help you connect with the characters and story. Essentially this film is about Mahmut and how having his cousin Yusuf stay at his apartment whilst he looks for work, irritates him and upsets his privacy. The story shows how Mahmut had blurred the line between what he felt was his single life batchelor utopia and what has now become loneliness. Something that had initially changed his life for the worse, ends up making him reassess his past, present and future. There are no overblown scenes of emotional breakdown and there is no big teary ending pay off and this may disappoint some. What you get instead is a director who puts all his faith into the actors to deliver a subtle but moving story. Couple this with the incredible imagery and this pulls on the coat tails of other films that can change cinema as we know it.

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Mario C (it) wrote: I saw this movie with a friend in New York City the year it was released and I loved it. I kept laughing through the film and I couldn't get enough of the funny appearances by Stanley Tucci's Muerte. The script has the right doses of comedy, drama, thrilling action and cues. The score is forgettable but it provides the right action cues.I would have thought the Tomatometer would have at least registered a 60% but most critics are asinine couch film directors who think they could've done a better job.However, there's no account for tastes. Dorothy Rabinowitz (Wall Street Journal) thinks Jerry Seinfeld is the greatest TV sitcom in the universe, but I just never enjoyed it (same as the bland Friends comedy from the 90s). One thing of note: K Turner started to develop a serious illness during shooting (multiple sclerosis, I think) but she was a trooper and attested to the great support she received during the filming. As for Stanley Tucci, he has made a great career for himself. Back in 1993, he was an unknown (to me, at least), but he showed such comedic chops, aided by a well-crafted script. This is one of several underappreciated spy capers, to be fully enjoyed by a large swath of the population, especially families and kids. 23 years later, and I still enjoy watching it.

Henrysmovieguide C (nl) wrote: An awesome action movie. Intense and violent, but so cool. Even better than EXECUTIVE DECISION. Rips off DIE HARD, but still good.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A detestable film that forces us to follow for eighty-eight minutes a couple of hateful psychopaths with a sick story that wants to be a very dark comedy and make fun of their gruesome atrocities - but everything is just too much bad taste to be remotely funny.

Iain R (jp) wrote: A charming film with the enormous fault of disregarding the problematic moral flaw of the central narrative, Waking Ned Devine depicts the lone character standing up against the plan as a "witch" and dispatches her with a quick, funny aside unlike the eponymous character. If the film had shown the money going to characters with less selfish intentions, it would have elevated the film to greater purpose.