A Difficult Life

A Difficult Life

Silvio Magnozzi is a man so dedicated to his high moral standards that he loses out on most of the things he wants in life -including his wife. He watches while others march up the ladder of success way ahead of him, sometimes by hypocritically licking the boots of their superiors or doing just anything at all to attain advancement. After his death grip on his principles causes his wife to walk out, Silvio relents and starts to live like others. Now he is supposedly happily residing on Easy Street, his wife is back -- and so what is bugging him? (AllMovie)

Silvio refuses to fight for the fascists and joins the resistance with Elena. After the war, his vitriolic newspaper articles cause him to be sentenced to imprisonment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark C (kr) wrote: One of those incredibly rare Kickstarter project that turned out really good. A highly entertaining New York millenial adventure.

Mitchell R (ru) wrote: The portrayal of Shannon's descent is unconventional but disturbing all the same. A handful of times I found myself having to look away from the screen because of the awkward tension stemming from Herzog's use of live still shots. However, all other characters were lacking and at times corny.

Bill R (kr) wrote: not an original ghost story and it seemed like a grudge rip off to me. it had a few jump acares and one tense moment but nothing spectacular. acting was faultering on b movie and the budget was low but all in all not a terible watch if you like asain horror.

Jason J (nl) wrote: A bunch of young offenders are packed off for rehabilitation to an uninhabited island where they are picked off one by one by an unknown stalker with a grudge against them. This movie is an effective and bloody thriller/horror movie. It is brutal, violent, fast moving and visceral. It is quite well made - the tension and pace never drops, which is essential for this kind of movie and there is a gritty, unremitting feel to the movie which works in its favour. The deaths are unpleasant and violent and the characters aren't likeable keeping it somewhat unpredictable as to what is going to happen, who is going to die and so on. Wilderness doesn't hold back in terms of the violence and nastiness but still keeps, for the most part a gritty realistic vibe and it works. The acting, mostly by fairly unknown young British actors is pretty good and low key. The movie is not without flaws. The plot isn't always particularly believable or fresh. It seems strange that there is on one prison guard with this group of about ten juvenile offenders out on a supposedly deserted island and the killer seems almost too effective is dispatching his prey although to be fair it works for the movie in terms of the scariness of the villain and some explanation is provided for his skill in this regard. On the whole a slick, well made and exciting movie which is both helped and hampered, but mostly helped, by it's willingness to be mean spirited and harsh. Recommended.


Ncol H (ru) wrote: How Does It Play ? I love the movie I want to show my baby cuzzie

Bloodmarsh K (jp) wrote: I usually discredit any movie that rips off a classic, but in the case of Pale Rider, I won't do that. Is it as good as 'Shane?' Absolutely not, but as much as I enjoyed Alan Ladd, Clint Eastwood is the definition of 'cool.' Clint Eastwood knows better than to try improving great material, so I believe it was his way of paying tribute to a great film. Clint loses points for not casting Lee Van Cleef as 'Stockburn.'

Paul N (br) wrote: Manila-shot Corman-produced actioner, whose lead is adept at neither acting nor combat, is utterly, hilariously, propulsively inept.

Byron B (kr) wrote: won best British film from BAFTA, nominated for best foreign film by NBR, and recognized as one of the best foreign-language films at the golden globes

Jimmy C (ru) wrote: Funny, pleasant, enjoyable, joyful and everything. Awesome musical numbers (like the one in the boat) but every credits are given to the still incredible and amazing *dancing on the celing* scene. Worth everything.

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