A Dirty Shame

A Dirty Shame

Sylvia Stickles runs a convenience store with her husband and mother-in-law. One day, Sylvia is hit on the head and transforms from an uptight prude to a sex-crazed lunatic. As she goes on a rampage through town, Sylvia attracts the attention of Ray Ray, a sexual healer and tow truck driver in search of the world's greatest orgasm. Their sexual revolution, however, causes a class war in their tiny Baltimore community.

An uptight, middle-aged, repressed woman turns into a sex addict after getting hit on the head, and she then falls into an underground subculture of sex addicts in suburban Baltimore. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg K (de) wrote: A bit slow. Comedic with jack black, but sometimes painful to watch. A rainy day cigarette pack movie. Love Kidman.

Samantha P (ca) wrote: Not as good as i expected. Quite confusing at times. I think you actually have to be deaf to appreciate it.

ashlee b (ru) wrote: What how can they make a movie like this!!!!

Hannah K (br) wrote: One of Johnny Depp's best movies! Such a classic!

Thomas B (au) wrote: **It's not very good. But it's certainly not a complete catastrophe. The movie has the charm of the original Enterprise crew, who admittedly are on auto-pilot, and also have what at first appears to be a promising story. However, as we all know, it didn't pan out like it should've done.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: This whole film feels like a big TV advert.The story is about a small town is out to raise funds by building a BMX racetrack and sponsoring a major race. Bart's the bad guy here, who doesn't play by the rules. The film's highlights are found in the stunt-filled race sequences, where the two duel it out on their high-flying two wheelers. Rad 1986 movie is beyond awful, it's actually painful to watch from start to finish. The movie has I said before is just a big advert and doesn't feel like a movie at all. The character's were annoying and forgettable. The writing was bland and used so many times in other bad movies. Overall Rad is just a bad movie that I'm some happy that everybody forgotten this peace of rubbish.

Barrie L (ag) wrote: This film really deserves 6-stars. By far one of the illest Hip-Hop movies I have ever seen... <3

Matthew J (it) wrote: The original 'Sleuth' was a brilliant (actually amazing) film. The 2007 film is a vulgar, ugly, attempt at being stylish led by two usually competent artists: Pinter (who over-writes word after word) and Branagh (whose camera movements are sickening). The character of Andrew Wyke looks like a wining, spoiled, overly-rich brat and despite two good performances this obsolete remake isn't worth anyone's time.

SteL P (jp) wrote: The constant change in tone makes the film confusing

Yahe L (us) wrote: 1/2' 1/4"" 1/2 1/2

lex V (br) wrote: No s cmo calificar el imaginario de Wes Anderson. Quiz como cuentos tradicionales infantiles (con lo que implica de nada polticamente correctos, y'know what I mean) que se re de nuestras miserias de adultos.

Kaitlyn T (gb) wrote: Slaying vampire's and shedding blood everywhere...yet innocent. The beauty of a bland, older, and wise survivor in a horrid epidemic raising up a young boy with no opinion on anything even how he feels in life. I thought it was brilliant. Exotic, dark scenery. Clasping plot. Undeniable talent Jim Mickle has.

Daniel B (nl) wrote: great story - I have read the book also which I recommend. it tells a good story and in the end you feel the get their justice by speaking out about how their treated. love it.

Nyk P (fr) wrote: This is a very under rated movie, it's been a while since I've seen it but as far as I remember it was about a couple of Firefighters that learnt of a map for treasure so they wandered into a 'deserted' bulding only to get involved in the middle of gang business. Then they've got to get out of the building without getting murderised. It's funny, plenty of action and has Ice Cube in it before he became worthless as an actor. 7/10

Ihab B (it) wrote: Man, I remember this film.I absolutely loved it.Such a charming little piece of cinema.

Dimitri C (ca) wrote: Scary and entertaining. "The ruins" melts adventure and horror in a truly guilty pleasure.