A Documentary

A Documentary

Something of a formal and thematic template for his subsequent work, Frank Cole’s first short film brings a terrifying mixture of intimacy and distance to bear on his aging grandparents.

A Documentary tells the story of fulfillment through life, death and stand-up comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris E (it) wrote: Original and different and not boring. Worth seeing.

Jim A (es) wrote: The best Transformers movie ever made for what that's worth. This provided a satisfactory ending to the series tying up most of the series lingering plotlines. It also puts the focus entirely on the bots not on the less interesting human characters who don't appear. While its low budget visuals won't win effects awards it still entertains far more than Bay's crap does

Billy C (kr) wrote: It's fine, but there are areas that needed to improve

Jamie M (de) wrote: Clever, funny, and even touching movie about an awkward teen (Jesse Eisenberg doing what he does best) who wants to meet women. He visits his over-confident uncle who is smart in reading people but lacks social tact much like his nephew.

Amethyst v (es) wrote: Drama ofthe reminessence of Mrs Dalloway's life and her annual parties. A disjointed movie

The Critic (us) wrote: This blaxploitation gem succeeds on the James Bond-esque charm of its protagonist, portrayed with a calculative coolness by the sultry Tamara Dobson, a government agent who takes on the local heroin business overseen by gang boss Mommy (a brilliantly over-the-top Shelley Winters). 'Cleopatra Jones' holds up well decades after its initial release and plays put like a tribute to tough-talking women, incredible fashion, cultural slang, and a community taking control of their identity. A consistently fun, action-packed caper that should've been the beginning of a successful franchise beyond its sequel, 'Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold' (1975).

TeeJay M (mx) wrote: a all black flim,loved it even thou it's old and in black & white lol

Patryk C (br) wrote: Made on a very low budget, this short little movie is very often called the first true noir. It has a distinctly gloomy atmosphere, disturbingly nightmarish dream sequence, and claustrophobic cinematography. Peter Lorre shows his creepy charm once again. Although the story is simple, it has its moments of ambiguity.

Raji K (jp) wrote: Nicolas Cage and John Travolta star in John Woo's Face/Off. Travolta (Sean Archer) and Cage (Caster Troy) are both archrivals particularly after Caster has killed Archer's son. Several years later the feud is over when Archer finally catches Caster and puts him in a coma. Soon after this however, they find out that Caster's brother has a bunch of bombs hidden somewhere, and the only who he would possibly tell the location of them would be his brother. A new surgical procedure comes out that allows Archer to put on the face of Caster. The police try and get Archer to undergo this procedure temporarily so that he can try and learn the location of the bombs. Although he is reluctant at first, Archer soon believes this is the only way for them to truly get the information needed. Archer puts on Caster's face and goes undercover in prison to obtain the information. In the middle of it however, Caster wakes up for his coma and forces the plastic surgeon to get Archer's face. He then uses his police connections to keep Caster in prison and help his brother out. This leaves Archer no choice but to bust out of prison and claim back his life.Face Off is a relatively entertaining action movie with a clever enough premise. The two leads undergoing the transition of their new roles in the film was a funny premise. In one instance Troy (With Archer's face) is upset about his bother being killed and a cop asks him why is he upset, only to get shot in the head was quite funny. The stunts are as you would in a typical John Woo film, slow one on one double pistols being shot constantly in slow motion, with plenty of unnecessary flips and dives in the process. There is quite a ridiculous stand down scene where about 7 different people all have guns pointed at each other based on their history with the two leads. Travolta does a decent job as a villain as he does in most of his films and Cage puts on one of his typical performances. The two are given a decent surrounding cast with Joan Allen as Archer's wife, and Dominique Swain and Gina Gershon put on sexy performances as Archer's daughter and Castor's sister respectively. Face Off is not Woo's best film, but most fans will find it entertaining enough. -2.5.2017

Gimly M (kr) wrote: Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan are always quality, but the ever present brand of film we've been getting these past few years of "Horror-Comedy that isn't scary and isn't funny" wore thin a long, long time ago, and Life After Beth is no exception.