A Dream of Freedom

A Dream of Freedom


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ex convict,  

After a few years in prison Stickan comes out and trying to readjust to society. He is approached by his old prison buddy Janne who is full of ideas how to get over the money without having to work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff W (gb) wrote: Beautiful movie. Heart wrenching drama, great acting, and gorgeous cinematography.Not a great movie to watch when you're expecting though!

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Chanyoung Nathan L (it) wrote: greatest movie ever!!

Kevin P (es) wrote: Strange and violent black comedy that shows a different take on the heist genre.

Arslan K (it) wrote: I was cracking up so hard while watching this film!

LUCA Z (us) wrote: Julian Goddard, who just escaped from jail, comes to Las Vegas with a weird man, Johnny Destiny (Tarantino). Julian wants to find Lucille (his ex girlfriend) and Harry (who has the money of their robberies). Mr Destiny will help Julian have his life back. In a sort of bizarre way. Too bad watching Tarantino playing a small role in a not so good movie. His character, in fact (with some Belushi's lines), is the only great element of the plot, but rarely appears. I watched it just because I saw Quentin's face on the poster!

Eric C (de) wrote: Goes down in movie history for the, um, oral scene.... Is it cheating if you think it's your girlfriend for the first half? Then the dude gets stabbed in the eye with a high heel. Classy.

Huw G (fr) wrote: Great music, mediocre acting, derivative story, dated sexism.

Davey M (au) wrote: In its own way, this is one of the greatest concert films ever made--an historical recreation of sorts of many of the most perfect pieces of music being played in front of a camera, with hardly any cuts in the performances, interspersed with occasional narration from Anna Magdalena Bach, wife of J. S. Seeing the performers (in beautifully composed frames) playing on the instruments heightens the experience in the same way it does when watching a live performer--the coordination between what the performer does and the sounds that come out help us to hear more nuances and appreciate the music even more. Eventually, the focus shifts (visually and, if one can use the word for this movie, narratively) from the technical, instrumental performance to the spiritual state of the composer and performer, just as Bach shifted from technical exercises to spiritual majesty--the first and last thirds, as a result, are particularly compelling (the opening and final shots are crazily moving for such a seemingly detached film).

Jesus H (ca) wrote: Alright comedy. I like the focus in different traditions the movie offer.

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Wes S (jp) wrote: It has a lot of great premises, but poor execution. Film may limit the otherwise interesting storytelling as appose to a novel. The animation goes off and on, and a few characters could have used a bit more development. The battle scenes are fairly awesome, and the designs and style are appealing to the eyes. An enjoyable enough follow-up to the classic novel.

Dan H (nl) wrote: Yes, the film has an interesting premise but there is no rise or fall, no characters to latch onto, the dialogue is ok, it's painfully slow (and even boring) and there's no significant opposing force. It's well-made, it's tense when it needs to be tense, and the final 15 minutes or so gets very dark very quickly. That said, if this film had a more defined sense of purpose or felt like it had an idea about where it wanted to go/what it wanted to do it's likely Cop Car could have been a real winner. As is, it's ok

Jeff L (de) wrote: Three and a half stars.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Written and directed by Dario Argento, who had just given audiences the triple whammy of Suspiria (1977), Inferno (1980) and Tenebrae (1982). His follow-up was just as good, and it's a very creepy murder-mystery. While it touches upon all the hallmarks and themes which have all been commonplace in many of Argento's films for years, this one has a good cast and a very atmospheric setting. Set in Switzerland, American Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly) comes to study at the Swiss Richard Wagner Academy for Girls, chaperoned by Frau Brckner (Daria Nicolodi). However, Jennifer suffers from sleepwalking, and one night she ends up outside the Academy, and ends up being rescued by Scottish forensic entomologist John McGregor (Donald Pleasence), who is curious by her, and her ability to communicate with incests. Back at the Academy, Jennifer is studied for her sleepwalking by the Academy's Headmistress (Dalila Di Lazzaro), but it makes Jennifer feel very uneasy. However, students at the academy end up dead, and Jennifer is the suspect. While it may look like a carbon copy of Suspiria on the surface, it's got some good visuals, and a hard rock score by Goblin, Motorhead and Bill Wyman. It's what you've come to expect from Argento's films, although it's far from vintage, it's a good suspenseful thriller with some good ideas on display.