A Dream Within a Dream

A Dream Within a Dream

A demonic young man lures six high school classmates to a party at his elegant Malibu house so that he can sacrifice their souls and bring his dead mother, who was killed during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, back to life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:supernatural power,  

A demonic young man lures his high school classmates to a party so that he can sacrifice their souls and bring his dead mother, killed during the Salem witch trials 300 years ago, back to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter H (ru) wrote: It tells the story perfect and the acting is amazing and has a good plot I love it

Nicki M (br) wrote: Watched a bit, but too Disney for my liking. Tweens might enjoy it.

F B (de) wrote: Enjoyable film and cleverly put together with an interesting and slightly different story than usual.

Mlissa K (mx) wrote: Beautiful once again Zhang Yimou, a true master of his art!

Megan K (kr) wrote: Fun Sunday afternoon movie :)

Joshua D (br) wrote: funny. but this isn't classic adam sandler. this is one movie that started a chain of worse and worse movies as the years went on.

Tom D (nl) wrote: This is another unnecessary, pointless sequel. This is one of those sequels that does not have any of the original cast in it. The special effects are cheesy and the actions scenes are unexciting. Definitely skip this one and watch the first one instead.

EM E (gb) wrote: Don't waste your time.

Dan S (us) wrote: I have to say that I see Godard's work as a group of technical experiments in cinema. Some work and some do not, but as a filmmaker you can always take away something.

Peter K (it) wrote: Superb music, superbly played, and a very good film to go with it. Why on Earth hasn't it been released on DVD? OK, it has now... and about time.

Peter F (es) wrote: This ensemble drama from the 80s certainly isn't without it's corny moments, but it's a well told story that's well...endearing!

Maria Antonia Z (jp) wrote: Veja o filme como se fosse na dcada de 60 e assista aos extras!

Marrick A (mx) wrote: A movie so great the Tarrantino sampled some of its dialogue and used it in Pulp Fiction.

Kyle L (nl) wrote: Grave Encounters is an extremely suspenceful and atmospheric Horror film that managed to deliver the things that every Horror fan needs. This movie is about a group of Paranormal Investigators who are doing a sixth episode on their reality show called "Grave Encounters" in an abandoned Psychiatric Hosital. As the team starts shooting for the show they soon learn that they are now the victims of the malevolent spirits that lurk deep within the walls and corridors of the hospital and the team must find a way out to escape the horrors that lurk in the abandoned hospital. I seriously love this movie and it really freaked me out. Never In my life I've ever been freaked out in watching a Horror movie and this in my opinion is one of the scariest Horror films I've seen in years since The Conjuring because this film seriously made my nerves go high and made me scream and jump at the same time. Seriously this movie is really terrifying and it managed to wet my pants out at the same time. One of the things that make Grave Encounters a superb movie is that the movie is not only terrifying but it is also super scary and creepy at the same time. The movie itself starts out slow on the first half but when you reach the second half the film goes into a suspenceful and atmospheric thrill ride and believe me that when you reach the second half the film itself is just as scary as The Conjuring and the suspense is totally going to make you jump and the film has loads of extremely suspenceful and super scary moments that every Horror fan will never forget (Scenes in the dark corridor, Lots of haunting and extremely frightening apparitions, The creepy crying girl ghost, The bloody bath tub scene, The scene with the girl getting her hair pulled and touched, The scene with the girl when she finds that someone wrote on her back and the scene with the ghost with no tongue) plus the ghosts are super scary and extremely creepy at the same time. The make up of the ghosts is extremely frightening and out of all the ghosts the ghost with no tongue is by far the scariest one in the film. On the other hand I also love how the movie managed to create a lot of proper scares instead of over used scares that we've seen before and The Vicious Brothers doesn't gives us any over used or bored scares that has been done before in other Horror films they just give you a few simple scares first like a window that opens on its own, a wheelchair that moves on its own, the door creaking and slamming and after hose simple scares The Vicious Brothers goes into bringing the real terror like all the Haunting Apparitions etc.... and I just think they are the only directors who can make a very good scary film since James Wan. One of the other highlights of the film is that the movie is full of extremely atmospheric sequences and you get to see loads of dark corridors, weird bathrooms and of course scary and eerie tunnels and the whole concept of the Hospital being an endless maze is extremely smart and meticulous at the same time. While the last thing I like about this film is that the film's psychiatric hospital setting is amazing and the building is not only huge but also extremely creepy at the same time and it really gives you the feel that the hospital where the movie was shot is actually haunted and I love the look and feel of the hospital itself it seriously gave me chills a lot. Now the acing is amazing even for an independent film and all of the casts deliver solid and amazing performances from start to finish and all of them did a very good job with their performances in the film a lot. The Vicious Brothers did an amazing job with their work on this movie and they managed to create a sjuspenceful and atmospheric Horror film that delivers lots of scares and nail biting tension and when they made their first Horror film they seriously made it work and I have no problems with this movie at all and the flaws are active within the movie but they are easily overlooked for me once you watch the film thanks to The Vicious Brothers tight and clever directing the movie seriously worked. Overall Grave Encounters is an extremely terrifying Horror film that delivers loads of scares and tension that will keep any Horror buff interested from start to finish this movie gets a 10/10.

Greg W (us) wrote: good actioner and another lost review

David L (ag) wrote: The film begins back in the same lagoon where the creature was left at the end of the last film. The same local captain has agreed to take some idiots from America to capture the creature. Now considering how scared this captain was and how he lost several crew members in the last film, it's amazing that he'd once again take such a risk--especially since all he does is complain about this! Quite surprisingly, the monster is actually captured relatively quickly and most of the film actually takes place in and around Marineland in Florida (near St. Augustine). Seeing this "thing" in a giant aquarium as gawking stand about is a bit surreal, but once he escapes (a must for the film), things heat up considerably.Along for the ride are a behavioral scientist (John Agar) and the requisite "babe", the hot grad student and ichthyologist played by Lori Nelson. Both of them work with the creature trying to determine its intelligence and trainability--though the methods did seem a bit cruel. So, when the Creature breaks free, I found myself rooting for it--a real plus in a monster film when you have sympathy for the object of so much terror.As for Agar, he has a terrible reputation as an actor, but he was quite competent here.There are a couple of things viewers might want to look out for. First, it's pretty obvious that there are two different people playing the Creature if you try to spot the differences. In the underwater scenes, the guy inside this complex suit is skinnier and on land he's chunkier--perhaps so he can carry about the "screaming hot babe" required by such films. Second, it's also pretty obvious that this was originally a 3-D film---as the monster and arms and all kinds of stuff come hurtling at the camera. While it isn't hokey, it is noticeable.Overall, a nice higher budget horror film that excels in practically every way. The only negatives are that it's a sequel (in other words, it loses a point for originality) and occasionally the characters do act a bit dumb--but this can be forgiven since it's still a vastly superior film to the sort of schlock horror that was so common in the 50s.