A Driver for Vera

A Driver for Vera

The film is set during 1962 in Sevastopol, Crimea, then a secret Navy Base in the Soviet Union. General Serov hires Viktor, a cadet from the Kremlin Guard to work as his private chauffeur. In a jet-black "ZIM" limo, Viktor is chauffeuring the General's disabled daughter Vera. Viktor is oblivious to the hidden agenda of the KGB agent Saveliev, who manipulates everyone behind the scenes in the old rivalry between the Army and KGB.

A General, who had sent for a cadet from the Kremlin Guard to work as his personal driver, decided to marry him to his physically disabled daughter . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graydon B (es) wrote: An ok sequel, not nearly as entertaining or funny as the first one, but not bad, nonetheless.

Sean C (de) wrote: Jane doesnt run, hell, she doesnt do bugger all. Even when one of her buddies is being tortured with a clothes iron tied to the side of his face Jane manages all the emotion of a huffy teenager who cant get to watch what they want on the TV. So funny that's almost worth watching...almost!

louise l (ru) wrote: entertaining combat film.

Genise Nisey G (us) wrote: This movie crazzzzy!

John P (jp) wrote: Being a huge fan of Supercross racing, I had a biased view on this film yet it still managed to disappoint me. It lacked in all areas and tries to be to picture perfect which makes this film frustrating and a waste of time.

Don S (br) wrote: This is a made for cable TV movie so the production values are not high and there are obvious breaks for where commercials would be. Lou Diamond Phillips is an apt actor and Kristy Swanson looks great. The story is tepid, but there are numerous shark attacks with lots of blood effects. Not great, but not terrible for what it is.

Monica P (au) wrote: Both fun and drama. Enjoyed with teen-daughter who liked it. A few interesting issues to talk about.

Marco N (ca) wrote: L'assedio (1998) di Bernardo Bertolucci, con Thandie Newton, David Thewlis, Claudio Santamaria

Sarah F (us) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

George B (it) wrote: Silly, fun, trashy, B-horror. Very entertaining, don't take it seriously.


bob w (nl) wrote: the movie was fair. neither Hudson nor Poitier were stellar in their roles. interesting that it was made in the era of the anti-colonial insurgency. the story is compelling and worth watching for 'educational' purposes.

David S (ca) wrote: An all over the place action film with a crap ton of shaky cam that will give you a headache. But I dug the story and development of it. Just kinda average, slightly below average.

Peter S (kr) wrote: Pretty good flick. Beautifully shot in Shenandoah Valley actual locations. Well written & acted.