A Drowning Man

A Drowning Man

Tokio finds his wife Kumiko drowned in the bathtub one night. He lifts the telephone handset to call an ambulance but put on again without having to dial the number. Instead, he takes a cup of coffee before he decides to empty the bathtub and Kumiko carry over to the couch. With her dead body next to them so violates the panic out of shock and he begins to drink to numb it. When he wakes up after drinking a lot so he finds that he lies in bed and Kumiko enters the room and asks how he is.

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Ajay T (ru) wrote: So good! Really surprising and unexpected, disturbing and inspiring. HIGHLY recommend!

Devon W (ru) wrote: Definitely a little creepy, but a rather disappointing movie for the most part.

Aaron M (de) wrote: This is a visually stunning and politically fascinating film. The jacket emphasizes the sexual elements (lesbian relationship between the two main characters) and sexuality definitely runs throughout--but this is really a film about political repression, and how that interacts with young people in Iran and how they express (or conceal) their sexuality. Fascinating interaction as well between the more zealous religious motivations of the authorities vs. their corruption (many are willing to accept financial "compensation" for breaches of Islamic law).

Bobby E (gb) wrote: Great film, dance routines are a bit boring though

Donn R (ru) wrote: good storyline. excellent cast.

Lucas M (au) wrote: Nicholson and Beatty form a really funny duo.

Adam L D (it) wrote: Fictional film based on non-fictional book loses all creditbilty by using pseudo names and places instead of the facts. Long list of celebs participate in this but why? Should have just made a documentry about real dealings of the fast food industry instead of this boring scripted mess.

Scott W (au) wrote: Yeah not bad. I like biopics but I was hoping would have been better...Hayek and Molina are really good though...

Katja S (nl) wrote: why did I even wath this movie?(Maybe because of David D.!)

Judson L (us) wrote: No-one knows Who's the Killer (may be even Director), till "Eventually Revenge is Carefully Arrange"= ERICA as the last victim

Jody B (de) wrote: One of Jason's favorite movies! He thinks it is even better than Top Gun

Rikki C (ca) wrote: Extremely dull. Me and my mother tried to sit through this and couldn't- we watched Spongebob instead

Lester F (gb) wrote: A great starring debut for Van Damme, he seemed like a bad-ass the whole movie. The thing about this movie that is both good and bad is that it is quite typical of the genre. Quality of acting varys by actor, the plot is only there to bring the characters together, the fighting is the only impressive part of the film, references to training scenes during the film, and some pretty good cinematography. That description will fit a lot of martial arts films, making this movie stale if you mind that this movie does not stand out from the genre. At the end of the film I enjoyed the ending, but realized the characterization was so weak that you barely even care what happens in the future. Additionally all the characters besides Frank Dux do not even matter.

David W (us) wrote: Smart, Very intelligent, and witty make Glengarry Glen Ross a great film. They talk about business. That seems boring,but is quite interesting from the awesome ensemble cast

Melissa R (ag) wrote: Pretty boring with a few small endearing moments.