A Estrada

A Estrada


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A Estrada torrent reviews

Ro D (fr) wrote: nice story, so loveable

Romn H (fr) wrote: Es la pelicula mas ridicula que he visto en esta decada.

Ida B (jp) wrote: I have to re-watch this movie because I couldn't pay attention to the boring storyline and shitty acting. Maybe the second time will better

Krystal L (it) wrote: The plot left you guessing until the last minute, it was difficult for me to understand the dialect due to the native accent but the subtitles were close enough. Definitely recommend!

adam u (jp) wrote: wow reading the reviews below on this one people dont know decent horror , This was a well done movie done in 8mm style with the grainy look in the film , what people dont realize is the more real it is the scarier it is BECAUSE THIS MOVIE COULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE . thats what makes it scary not CGI or any other special effects . its Reality people . stuff like this happens all the time. But there are a few problems i have with this , even though the girls were scared shitless common sense should fall into play after you calm down a bit , instead of trying to deflait the tires pull the plug wires , its alot easier and faster . or puncture the radiator . The other problem i had was all the screaming you couldnt understand what was being said . all and all a decent movie

Rick T (de) wrote: Standard fare but I love the cast and journey of feelings.

Seth K (ag) wrote: One of the most underrated movies of the past 20 years. Watched it the first time and liked it. Watched it again and loved it, particularly the camaraderie between Costner and Duvall and the amazing shootout scene at the end. Who knows? Might end up being a classic.

Justin L (nl) wrote: its silence of the lambs made in korea if it were directed by dario argento... with a plot thats too complex for its own good... however, its still fun to watch and ultimately good times, for anyone looking for the above.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Excellent performance from Setsuko Hara, particularly in the second half of this film. Also, the almost fairy-tale like opening was pretty spectacular. Too bad it didn't really build into anything but the next scene. It might have been interesting to see that recur throughout the movie. (See: "Pan's Labyrinth")

Nilufer R (es) wrote: I'm afraid Nicolas Cage completely lost his judgement about selecting what would be a good movie, he has made many mistakes but this one has a special place among them with 'wicker man'. Shame..