A Family Secret

A Family Secret


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Jens S (it) wrote: This adaptation of a popular French comic book series is trying to be the corporate James Bond, and even succeeds in a couple of moments. Overall it fails to bring anything original to the table, though. In that sense, the 50% critics and 50% users vote makes total sense. There is great potential and sometimes it is used, other parts are so full of stereotypes you have to roll your eyes. Examples? The cinematography is excellent, there are several really beautiful shots. The (few) action scenes are well delivered, especially the final fight on the skyscraper roof. And there are a few twists you actually don't see coming. But then there is the tendency to dispose of every minor character as soon as it isn't needed anymore, which is lame. Just like the villain who explains all his steps to the hero, and the audience. Overall entertaining corporate crime thriller, with maybe a few flash backs too many but potential for more. Perhaps the second part avoided some of the mistakes.

Lise L (gb) wrote: Black humour and hilarious story!

Matt G (it) wrote: A cloying melodrama that is so full of incredibly selfish and hilariously childish characters, even the effortlessly charming Harry Connick Jr couldn't breathe enough life into it. A boring piece of self-righteous Hollywood tripe.

Marcella G (it) wrote: Enjoy westerns with Bronson more than this one.

Private U (ru) wrote: only cause gordon douglas decides to make a movie on like one of the best books by roderick thorp (and for those of u who didnt know the dude also wrote what die hard was based off of)

Lanne N (ru) wrote: I love Tom Selleck. This was a great movie. It's one of my favorite movies.

Zoran S (au) wrote: This is a masterful final film from the great John Ford. It's an eclectic mix of feminist melodrama and a re-imagined Western set in China. Some of the Asian representations are a bit stereotypical but this is a powerful film with a brilliant ending.

Rich B (gb) wrote: Great, unpredictable story; strong performances all around by a very good cast. It's heartening that original, quality, compelling films like this can still get made in an era riddled with sequels and explosion films.

Darlene B (ru) wrote: finally something that put an instant smile on my face.