A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men

A comedy about a groom and his three best men who travel to the Australian outback for a wedding.

A groom and his three best men travel to the Australian outback for a wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Staush P (gb) wrote: So bad that you have to watch it.

bob (gb) wrote: usually, i go till the end even if its a very bad movie... there are only a couple i turned off before the credits appear. the main reasons were the stressful camera with its ugly pictures and also the confusing and uncoordinated story.

Damerion C (kr) wrote: love The Brady Bunch

Ryan R (es) wrote: I love this move. I am always loved movie where aliens come down and want to destroy earth. Very Cheesey movie but hey its got Chekov and Ash what more could you want.

Louise D (de) wrote: Watched purely for the purposes of 80s video shop nostalgia, which is weird because I never used to watch this kind of shit. And it is shit.

Sherry L (ru) wrote: Wonderful and capturing movie, which takes place in Slovakia during second world war. Tono is a nice but lazy little man, who finds the greatest pleasure in life washing his feet in hot water, but is terrorized by his nagging, hysteric wife day out day in. By taking a job for the authorities, he is offered to take over a little shop which is owned by a very old jewish widow. The old lady is confused and doesn't really understand what Tono wants but is really nice to him and gives him a "job" in the shop. Even though the lady seems very old and confused, Tono doesn't have a chance in matching up with the old lady, when it comes to serving costummers and knowing where the things are. Later Tono finds out that the money the old lady gets in profits every month, isn't enough, so she is living on other relatives and friends dole. While the deportations of the jews start, Tono has become so attached to the old lady that he decides to hide her in a closet, until the danger is gone. Only, when he comes to help her out, she is dead, and he decides to hang himself. Tragic, yes, but in the ending scene you see Tono and the old lady dancing their way out on the store, happy as never before, with no such things as despair. They simply came into a better place to be. I liked the ending very very much. A very human movie, in many ways. Beautiful but very ugly at the same time, when it shows the worst side of people but also one of our greatest and most beautiful priviledge; the ability to make friends. Very good movie, I highly recommend all of you to see.

Pam E (mx) wrote: Great movie, though the ending was not as I hoped you can't blame a man for experimenting and finding what is important to him.

Brett H (ca) wrote: Get Smart is a totally silly, but effortlessly enjoyable spy spoof that has rapid-fire gags throughout and an awesome cast to back them up. Adapted from the popular tv series co-created by Mel Brooks, the film centers on a top analyst for a government agency (played by the bumbling Carell) who wants nothing more than to be a spy and gets his chance when the other agents' identities are compromised. His brand of physical humour akin to Peter Sellers really works here and his surprising capabilities in the field through accidents or pure luck are hilarious to watch. He's joined by Anne Hathaway who has a funny spin on her character that she's actually older than him but had undergone surgery to hide her identity allowing for a lot of hilarious hijinks between them two. The supporting cast is great as well with Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp, and of course, The Rock playing a bit of a goof himself! The film plays out very much like an Austin Powers movie without all the sex jokes and it's good, clean fun for an assortment of people to watch. Alan Arkin also delivers one of the funniest damn lines during a car chase and it is comedy gold!

Hrant B (nl) wrote: Fairly ok movie, good cast, predictable script. Nothing special, a low budgeted movie that isn't worth watching. The movie teaches us two lessons, don't judge a book by its cover and don't live with lost hope.