A Few Hours of Spring

A Few Hours of Spring

Forty-eight-year-old Alain Evrard is obliged to return home to live with his mother. This situation causes all the violence of their past relationship to rise to the surface. Alain then discovers that his mother has a fatal illness. In the last months of her life, will they finally be capable of taking a step toward each other?

Alain Evrard, a trucker who has just finished serving a prison sentence, is forced to temporarily move back to his mother's house. This forced co-habitation causes all the violence of their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (ag) wrote: Starts every bit as painful as you expect but, amazingly, it improves. It never gets great, and the bad never entirely goes away, but the balance shifts and you can enjoy some laughs.

Walt W (jp) wrote: Surprised at the low ratings for this movie. I thought it was fun and filmed in a bit of an inventive way so that it seemed to be entirely from the kids' perspective in the movie. Lighthearted fun.

Serhend S (br) wrote: This was pretty good, I enjoyed Dr.Coop playing a pickpocket, his opposite was OK but damn she was entering bitch territory at times, where she just had a snarky quip for every little short coming and attempt and I was saying "Hey, what the fuck! he's trying!" i agree it was far from perfect, but it held my interest and made me laugh at times, which counts for alot in a rom-com, i'd recommend it. The poster is very misleading(shitty CS5 job).

Jackson C (nl) wrote: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is hampered by the awkward editing throughout. Shot-by-shot wise, the movie is actually really pretty, but how they are connected is awkward and illy paced. I'm of the belief that an Western minded director has no place in directing an ancient Chinese themed movie, since the dialogue and acting are extremely poorly composed and coordinated. The story actually has sentimental value as it surrounds around a beautiful theme, but its positives are overshadowed by the poor effort by Wayne Wang. I understand the film is intended for a more western-oriented audience, but as a harbinger of both societies, I still recommend watching authentic Chinese films, as it is more superior in almost all aspects than Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. A rather daring suggestion is switching the roles between the protagonists in the different timelines to create a more dramatic effect.

Lela E (ag) wrote: Total chic-flick. But was still worth watching.

Ty P (es) wrote: Why do great actors like David Field and Vince Collisimo jump on thin, flaky scripts like this? Opal Dream is interesting to watch for it's scenery(or lack of) in the town of Cooper Peedy, but apart from that it's just one for the kids.

Augusto G (fr) wrote: A lost Treasure, should be a clasic

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Superman II is the sequel to Richard Donner's Superman, directed by Richard Lester, and it stars Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kiddler, and Terence Stamp in a superhero film about General Zod and his crew that got freed. They come to Earth, took over it, and Superman is the only person to stop them. With the first Superman movie being a huge hit, of course there's going to be a sequel, although there were creative differences between Richard Donner and the producers, which was at the point that he got replaced by a different director named Richard Lester. Even with a replacement of a director, Superman II is a great film, even if it's not quite at the same heights as the first one. The story by Mario Puzo is great which is more or less about the characters, not the fight scenes. The acting is great, and Terence Stamp is a really good Zod who is a lot of fun to watch. The chemistry progression between Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman is still there and is a little better than the first one. Most of the special effects are good, but then there are some that look really dated. The sequel still has some laughs, and the score is surprisingly really good since John Williams is replaced by a completely different composer. The fight scenes are good at that time, and it does get dumb at some times. Nonetheless, Superman II is a great sequel that is better than what I expected out of a sequel to a really great film.

Jonathan F (ag) wrote: I know you remember this, KIDDIES!!!

Robert H (es) wrote: Brian DePalma is a master filmmaker and Body Double is yet another showing of how a straight forward idea for a mystery can easily turn into a sleazy, queezy masterpiece of a parody complete with nudity, gore, twists, turns and dancing. The film is stylish and sexy while being grotesque and bizarre. It borders on the realm of comedy without fully going over. You can laugh at the film for sure... but you'd be missing the subtle nuances in between the chckles and chortles. Visually beautiful with plenty of auditory lovelies to tickle the ear drums. If you've never seen Body Double, do yourself a favour and give it a shot. If you have seen the film, unless it's been recently, give it another go and make sure to pay close attention to the camera angles and characters. This film can be lots of fun if you let it.